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  List of Archives...

C of E - Parish Records...

    Winterbourne St Michael,

    Winterbourne Down All Saints,

    Frenchay St John Baptist,

    Frampton Cotterell St Peter's,

    Including Baptisms, Marriages, Burials, Monumental Inscriptions and Rolls of Honour.

Winterbourne, Gloucestershire...

by Dr CHB Elliott.

This definitive history of Winterbourne contains a wealth of information for the family history researcher.


Subscribers Frenchay Bridge 1788

Kelly's Directories...

 1870 - 1939


US Hospital in Frenchay...

Photographs, list of Admissions 1943/4

US Personnel

US Chapel wall painting - "Deus"

C of E -Parish Magazines...

   Frenchay 1889 - 1951

   Winterbourne, Winterbourne Down & St Michael's Home 1878 - 1895

  Winterbourne 1915 - 1932             


  1841 - 1901

Miscellaneous Records...

Landowners in 1844, Wills,  Girls Friendly Society

Perry's Almshouses, Gaol Records,

Bristol Records Office documents,

1844 Tithe Maps of Winterbourne & Frenchay,

The Great War

Soldiers and Nurses at Cleve Hill Hospital

and Autograph books

Non-conformist church records...

 Unitarian, Friends, Congregational, Methodist

Schools Record...

  Frenchay, Hambrook, Winterbourne, Stapleton, Winterbourne Down

Cricket Clubs...

  Frenchay CC History

  Frenchay CC Score Books


  Group pictures with names where known.  

  Village Then and Now pictures


  One-name studies with pictures.

Hambrook Hospital and District Nurse Committee

  Annual Reports, lists of Patients, Minutes, etc

The Tuckett and Fry families were prominent residents of Frenchay in the 19th Century...

Mariana Fox Tuckett’s


Dec 1857 - March 59


'Looking Back'

A story about Francis Fox Tuckett, Mountaineer.

Frederick Tuckett, Agent to the New Zealand Company,

1841 to 1844.

   Letters written during his period as Surveyor in New Zealand, at Nelson and Otago, including his experience at the Wairau Affray and his surveying for the foundation of Dunedin.

Frederick Tuckett

  His Journals written in...

Otago, NZ 1844

America 1829-1830

Europe 1833-1834

Fred Tuckett in NZ

Ships manifests to Nelson, 1840.

Francis Tuckett's journey to Germany & Belgium 1824

Letters from Alizon Fox, written from France and Poland, when she was serving with the Friends’ War Victims Relief Committee, after The Great War.


The Fry Family [of chocolate fame] A collection of photographs and text in six volumes by Priscilla Anna Fry. Dated 1901

Fry Family Tree - If you think you are related, use this document to find out (pdf - updated 2021)

Priscilla Hannah Fry, who was she? The search is on..!

Frys Chocolate Medals & Diplomas

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