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Michael Mollet, whose mother's maiden name was Fry,

has expressed the view that the following volumes should be made available on the InterNet for all to see


These original six volumes are beautifully bound in red leather with gold inlay.

The first five pages of Volume 1 are illustrated on this page, and explain the scope of the volumes.


To view the rest of the pages, use these links...

Volume 1       -       List of Contents and Family Members

Volume 2                                                                                     

Volume 3                                                                                     

Volumes 4 & 5 contain items (autographs, letters, etc) relating to family members, so these are added to their pages

For examples of the amazing "Paper Cutting" found in Volume 4, follow this link...

Volume 6  Not Transcribed                                                        


For further reading about the Fry Family, follow this link to Wikipedia

The Frenchay connection is that several members of the Fry family lived, for a time, in Frenchay.


Read about the mystery of Priscilla Hannah Fry. Can you solve it?