Frederick Tuckett

Born Frenchay 1807

Chief Surveyor of the New Zealand Company


Letters and Journals written by Frederick


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Letters written during his time as Surveyor for the New Zealand Company...

1841 - 1844

Letters written during his time in Nelson before and after the Wairau Affray. 1841 - 1844

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Letters written during his period as Surveyor for the foundation of New Edinburgh later called Dunedin, 1844


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Letters written home to his brother, mother and uncle, 1842 - 1846


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Journals written by Frederick...

Otago Diary 1844 American Travels 1829-1830   European Travels 1833-1834

Manifests of ships taking emigrants to Nelson, New Zealand, 1841-1850...

1841  Whitby  Will Watch (with Frederick Tuckett on board)

1842  Fifeshire  Mary Ann  Lloyds  Lord Auckland  Brougham  Bolton  Martha Ridgeway  London  Clifford  Sir Charles Forbes  Thomas Harrison  Olympus  New Zealand  George Fyfe

       Bombay  Prince of Wales

1843  Indus  Thomas Sparks  Phoebe  St Pauli        1844  Himalaya  Skiold         1845  Slains Castle  Caledonia

1846  Hope                                              1847  Ralph Bernal              1848  Bernica  Blundell

1849  Mary  Ajax  William and Alfred  Cornwall  Kelso  Larkins                        1850  Pekin  Berkshire  Lady Nugent  Poictiers  Mariner  Eden  Phoebe Dunbar

Letters written to the Royal Geographic Society - 1846-1880

Letters concerning the settlement of Nelson - 1840-1846

Letter written in 1843 re the Wairau Affray

Article written in 1844 entitled 'Excursion to Massacre Bay, New Zealand'