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This page is respectfully dedicated to the medical personnel and all those who were casualties of the Second World War.

Lest we forget.

The Americans

at Frenchay Hospital...

In the early years of the Second World War, Bristol was expecting many casualties to result from the Blitz. So an emergency hospital was built, with 15 wards, on the site of the Frenchay Children's Sanatorium.

But the Blitz was not as severe as expected, so the hospital remained empty.

When the Americans joined in the war after Pearl Harbour, Bristol offered the use of the hospital to the US Forces in anticipation of the invasion of continental Europe. The Americans accepted the hospital, but considered it too small, so a further 15 wards were built.

A succession of US Hospitals then began to used the facilities...

May 1942 - Sep 42     152nd Station Hospital

Sep42 - Oct 42          77th Evacuation Hospital

Oct 42 - Nov 42         2nd Evacuation Hospital

Nov 42 - May 44        298th General Hospital [See list of personnel]

May 44 - Aug 44        100th General Hospital [See 1945 Roster]

Aug 44 - July 45       117th General Hospital [See 1944 roster]

July45 - Aug 45        52nd General Hospital

After the war, the hospital was handed back to Bristol by the Americans in a ceremony on 17 August 1945.

People at the American Hospital in Frenchay...

Some short biographies, written in 1992.


"Admissions & Discharges"

This 15-page manuscript document appears to be a partial record of admissions for the 298th, 100th & 117th US General Hospitals, covering the period from December 1942 to December 1944. Over 900 names are recorded here.

So if your dear old dad was a GI wounded on D-Day, you may find him lying in a bed at Frenchay Hospital...!


Jean Ambler, nee Bracher, visited the Americans at the hospital.

We have to thank Dr James Briggs, author of the book "The History of Frenchay Hospital", for the above information and the photographs below...

For further information about Frenchay Hospital, tune in to Dr Briggs' own WebSite at... 


Walking wounded arriving at the hospital



Front row, 3rd from right: Ray Giarrusso, who married Edna Ford of Hambrook. After many years in Massachusetts, they now live in Florida.

This photo & names kindly given by Ted Ford



December 2015

Seven new photos have appeared on Flickr, taken by an American serviceman on VE Day at the Frenchay Children's TB Hospital.

We do not know how to contact John Hanley, but we thank him and hope he does not mind us using his pictures here...


Taken in front of one of the two forty-bed children's wards.         It is thought that this is the one later to be known as Ward 30.