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In 1793 my 4* great grandfather Jonas Gregory signed Articles of Clerkship with Robert Tucker of Winterbourne, Attorney of the Kings Bench. Witnesses were Henry Blanford and Ann Bruton. Jonas Gregory was the adopted son of James Simmonds of Nibley in the parish of Westerleigh.

My hunch is that Jonas had Methodist/ Quaker/ Unitarian sponsors for his 8-year clerkship.

If anyone has information on any of these people I would be very glad to hear.

Margaret O'Brien

I would like to post a message for any relatives (&  I think there may be many) of Frederick Robert Anstey 1909-1940 of ‘the Glosters’, who was killed in Belgium in July 1940.


His grave in Adegem Military cemetery has been adopted by a young local Belgian man & his family who place flowers on the grave twice a year or more. He has asked (via a Glos military site) for additional information & some of us were able to find family history & another offered military history. However, neither area of information is complete & the family wondered if any Anstey member could fill in any gaps.


Incidentally, I  found the war memorial in Winterbourne & his name is there.


Adrienne Roche

If you are searching for family members and wish to place a message on this page, please write to the WebMaster, Ray Bulmer.

Please entitle your email "Message Board..."


If you wish to make contact with people on this list, write to the WebMaster, Ray Bulmer.

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We are tracking our ancestral roots and several of our ancestors are from Winterbourne.

We are hoping one of your readers would be kind enough to assist us in our search...


Thomas Tillett - 11th great grandfather.

Birth About 1574 in Winterbourne, Gloucestersehire, England

Death Jul 1607 in Winterbourne, Gloucestersehire, England

Married to...

Joanne Tene - 11th great grandmother

Birth 1574

Death 13 February 1612 in Winterbourne, Gloucestersehire, England


Our Tillett family association starts with the following and lead us to Thomas and Joanne


Mary Tizzard Tillett - 3rd great grandmother

Birth 1815 in Almondsbury, Gloucestershire, England

Death 8 Jan 1890 in 1 Mansfield Place, St George, Barton Regis, Gloucestershire, England

Married to...

John Willcox - 3rd great grandfather

Birth abt 1800 in Butcombe, Somerset, England

Death 4 Mar 1845 in Filton, Gloucestershire, England


We have been searching for some time to find more information on Joanne Tene as do not have her parents and would love to know more about the Tene Family Name and its origin.

We also have a strong family connection to The Tizzard Family.


I love your site and have found some family connections from reading your message board.

Bill Willcox, Melbourne, Australia. March 2015.


Love Cole born about 1748 Winterbourne and died 20 Feb 1825 Winterbourne and was married to Benjamin Tillett
Love Cole parents we have as : George Cole born 1725 Winterbourne and died 1795 married to Susanna Parker born 24 Jan 1724 Winterbourne. George and Susanna are our 6th Great Grand Parents. We are trying to find who their parents were and any further genealogical information would be appreciated on both the Cole and parker families of Winterbourne.
Also researching John Tillett married to Hannah Smith, John was born before 19 July 1728 Mangotsfield and died 30 April 1781 in Mangotsfield. We have the Tillett family going back to the early 1600's but would love to know more about Hannah Smith and her parents lines. We have no details for Hannah at all. John and Hannah are our 6th great Grand parents.
We would love to hear from anyone who is related to us by the family lines mentioned
Bill Willcox ( Melbourne )



I am trying to locate the ancestors of my father.  His great grandfather was James Mascott who married Hannah Drew on September 2, 1821 in Winterbourne.  The family name eventually became variations of Musket(t).

Thank you very much.

Mary Binns


     I’ve been researching my family tree on and off for several years and am wondering if any of your readers can assist by filling in some missing details.

     My family name is ‘Mabey’, sometimes recorded as ‘Maby’ in early census and parish records (c.1800’s). All of my early family members (up to 1910) lived in and around Winterbourne , including Watleys End, Damisons Bridge, ‘The Camps’, and Hambrook.

     They were mainly agricultural labourers, hatters and quarry men. My 3rd great grandfather was Samuel Mabey [ wife Elizabeth (nee Huff) ]. Samuel was born on 11 Sep 1825 and died aged 81 at Berry Hill (sometimes named Bury Hill). In the 1950’s relatives visiting from Australia located the cottage where Samuel lived, apparently the owners still had a picture of Samuel hanging on the wall but unfortunately I’ve not been able to locate this cottage (perhaps it no longer exists)

    One of Samuel’s sons (my 2nd great grandfather) was Edward Mabey (1852-1905) . He also lived at Winterbourne, ‘The Camps’, Hambrook Village and Woodend, Frampton Cotterell. I’ve visited Winterbourne several times but have not been able to locate his cottage. I believe Samuel’s cottage passed to the Cordy family following Edward’s death.

     On one visit to Winterbourne I found that Samuel, Edward and their wives are buried in the small Winterbourne Down Methodist Church graveyard; the headstones of their graves stand out as they are amongst the largest there (see photos of the Mabey family members).

     Kind Regards,

     Chris Mabey

I am looking for the origins of a Lucy LONG who married Nehemiah WEBB in Winterbourne 24 DEC 1782.

Nehemiah WEBB was a hatter in Winterbourne and I believe he was buried 24 DEC 1839 Winterbourne, aged 82.  This age at death suggests he was the Nehemiah WEBB bp. 9 JAN 1757 Winterbourne, son of John and Frances WEBB.

However, I cannot find any likely baptism for a Lucy LONG.   There is also a burial record for a Lucy WEBB 25 FEB 1830 Winterbourne - age recorded as 74.   If this is the Lucy LONG I'm looking for, it suggests she was born in about 1755.   But, she cannot be the Lucy LONG born in Great Badminton in 1755 - as she married a Nathaniel Watts.

Please can anyone help with the identity of Lucy LONG?

Many thanks, Penny Gay

Is there anyone in this area who might be (or has been) researching the Platt Family?


My 3G Grandfather was one Thomas Platt

born 22.09.1810 LDS in Frenchay

baptised 12.05.1811 LDS

married 12.11.1832 LDS - Elizabeth Small baptised 09.09.1810 LDS

died 26.11.1876 Cert d. 14.01.1888 Cert


I have reason to believe Thomas had siblings George, James and Jane and that their parents were George Platt and (possibly) Ann Pickford, who may have come from Cheshire. I am seeking to try to clarify all this.


Any help you can offer or onward contacts would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for reading this. Peter Platt.

Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia.

Re Hambrook House

Does anyone have a family tree of the James Brown of Frenchay Iron Company who purchased Hambrook House in 1799, and sold it in 1809. I have a James Brown born about 1786 in my tree who lived in Winterbourne in 1841 census with his wife Ann Hall. He was a hatter. His mother was Ann ?, born about 1751 Frampton Cotterell and lived in Chipping Sodbury in 1841C, age 90. I have been unable to trace back any further.

Any information concerning Hambrook House deeds, Frenchay Iron Company, James Brown family trees would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you. Tricia Phillips


Nola Nisbet  researching her paternal grandmothers family - Maggs - She has traced back to Samuel Maggs 1676 - 1724 and seem to have come to a standstill.
Samuel was born in .Winterbourne.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.



   I am trying to follow my maternal grandfathers family and have happily arrived at James Edwards (b. 1798 d. 8 April 1944, Winterbourne) who married Amelia Harcombe (b. 1795 [probably Winterbourne], d. Aug 10th 1868).

   The problem is that while I can push back from Amelia up the Harcombe/Maggs line as far as I chose, I am finding no leads for James Edwards and his parents.

   Any thoughts from anyone using this site would be very welcome.

   Mark Gray

I believe my great great grandfather, James Upton, came originally from Winterbourne. I think his father was Mark Upton. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who knows anything about the Upton family.
   Lynda Ryalls

I am trying to find any information on my husband's aunt. Her name was Agnes Doody,she was baptised 23rd July 1924 at Winterbourne Down and she was a boarded out child. Her date of birth was Jun 1915. I believe she was born in Birmingham, she was a twin; twin was brought up by her eldest sister, who married in 1919. Her father died in 1918 and mother in 1919.
Thank you Kate Doody



I have just discovered your website while searching for a Ruth Tuddenham who was a Nursing Sister in World War I. I am researching the Tuddenham family history. I am looking for any information about members of the Tuddenham family. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Shelagh Tuddenham
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada



    Hello. Has anyone access to the Frampton Cotterell baptismal and burial records and are willing to look up a few records. I am looking for the baptism/death of children born to John and Harriet Howells who lived in the parish between 1858 and 1863. I believe that at least two children were born in the parish and another child died, are there any more? I am also interested in who John Howells worked for during this period - he was a groom/coachman. I know a lot about this family except for this period of their lives.

     Thank you . Annette 

     We are searching for the WOODWARD and EDWARDS families.
Kathleen Woodward was born on28/05/1906 in Bedminster; she worked at Flaxpitts house during the 1930’s.
Kathleen attended a private school until 1916 but unsure of where.
     The family lived in Winterbourne on the 1911 census. She had 8 siblings; Dorothy (19/01/08) Leslie (29/03/10) Minnie (25/03/12) Bernard(05/02/14) Helga (16/03/16) Doreen (16/03/19) Constance (21/01/22) and Arnold(22/07/24) All of the children attended Hambrook school, Winterbourne. Kathleen’s parents were Caroline Eliza Woodward nee Stevens and William Henry Woodward. They lived in Northwoods, Winterbourne until the 1930’s when they moved to Flaxpitts Lane, Winterbourne.
William George Edwards was born on 04/09/1907 in Bristol. William George was in the navy 1924-1937, he died in 1938.
     The family lived in Winterbourne on the 1911 census, he had 6 siblings; Katie (16/05/05) Alice May (04/07/06) Annie (16/10/08) Sydney(17/12/10) Edna (25/05/13- we think she has a physical disability) Jack (08/12/18) the children all attended Hambrook School, Winterbourne (except William George who possibly attended a private school but unsure where). William’sparents were Kate Edwards nee Allen and William Edwards. We believe that William Snr. Was a market gardener on swan lane, Winterbourne. The family moved to Bourton-on-the-water in 1927 and ran/owned Windrush gardens tea rooms. William Snr died in 1931, Kate went on to marry a William Parsons in 1936, William Parsons died in 1950 and Kate Parsons in 1951 both in Bourton-on-the-water.
     We are trying to find any living descendents of Kathleen Woodward, William George Edwards and/or any of their siblings.
     Thank You!     Laura Powell and Caroline Matthews.  

Re Hambrook House

Does anyone have a family tree of the James Brown of Frenchay Iron Company who purchased Hambrook House in 1799, and sold it in 1809. I have a James Brown born about 1786 in my tree who lived in Winterbourne in 1841 census with his wife Ann Hall. He was a hatter. His mother was Ann ?, born about 1751 Frampton Cotterell and lived in Chipping Sodbury in 1841C, age 90. I have been unable to trace back any further.

Any information concerning Hambrook House deeds, Frenchay Iron Company, James Brown family trees would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you. Tricia Phillips

   PLAYER families of Winterbourne areas

   Please does anyone who is researching their Player family which may be connected to mine maybe have any records of further back than GEORGE PLAYER, born FRAMPTON 1805 ish. He married ANN LOVELL and their children were JOHN, SARAH ANN, GEORGE, ROBERT, BENJAMIN ANGEL, MARY, HENRY AND ANOTHER HENRY.
   If anyone out there does have access to full info on geneology sites prior to 1805 could they please have a search for me. I have come across a George Wigmore Player married to a Mary Angel Player and I thought maybe there is a connection as my Benjamin above has the middle name of Angel but I think their children's names are different. I also found other George Players born around 1805, especially in Newnham, Forest of Dean but I have born Frampton so I really don't know and I have been all around the web sites etc and have come to a halt.
   Sorry to be a pain but any help very welcome after a year's searching and most of the help has been through Winterbourne Family History and Ray Bulmer. I still owe him a pair of socks!! when I get over in 2012
   Thank you
   Carol Ann Harris (nee Player) South Africa

HOLMES, Oliver - Policeman

On my father's maternal side my great Grandfather, Oliver Holmes, was, I believe a policeman at Winterbourne. I have a picture circa 1910 - 20?. However this is all I know. I don't know if he was a special constable, part time, full time? Do any records exist of policemen in Winterbourne, or I wonder if any visitors to this site have other photographs of the long arm of the law?


Left-click photo for full image

POCOCK and PHILLIPS family...


James Pocock ?m1835 Maria Phillips of Frampton Cotterell, children Alfred 1836, Offley ?1836, Sarah Ann 1837, James 1841.

Does anybody know James' birth family?

The family with Maria, but without James, lived at Frampton Cotterell according to the early censuses; James was absent -- I don't know whether he died just before the 1841 census, away from home, or what happened to him.

My searching has found many James, but it's hard to tell which is right.

Can anyone help?
David Stone, Cambridge

News update from David, 16 Jan 2011...

A descendent of Sarah Ann has letters written from James Pocock born ~1790 (wife Sarah née Gowing, born ~1792?) to his son the James I asked about, written to him in Demerara, Guyana, where he died ~1840,
working as a carpenter on a sugar plantation, the Hampton Court Estate. The elder James was a hatter and shop keeper in Frampton Cotterell, I believe.



   I am searching for any member of the Perry family of Winterbourne, Hambrook or Frenchay. There may be more than one Perry family, and I am interested in talking to anyone who has the Perry name from this area. I am particularly interested the Perry family who built the Perry Almshouses. They may be related to the Perry family who also built almshouses in Wotton under Edge. These Perrys were merchants, mill and land owners. There is a marriage record of a William Perry in Hambrook, wool merchant, who marries Elizabeth the daughter of Charles Hooper, another wool mill owning family. But other Perry lines from this region are of interest to me, so please contact me through the webmaster.

   Thank you. RK Starr      May 2012

Tillet and Lawrence Families of Winterbourne

The following interesting message is from Stewart Stronski.

If anyone wishes to write to him, please write to the webmaster and I will put you in touch with Stewart.


Through my Tillett ancestors I have a connection to the parish going back over 400 years to before 1600. And my 4x great-grandfather was Thomas Lawrence who came to the parish in the early part of the 19th Century after being born at Acton Court in 1793. The same house which has recently undergone a transformation as a tourist site. First his father and then he was the tenant of Winterbourne Court Farm. Apparently Thomas Lawrence the elder took over as tenant in about 1806 and then the son took it over after the death of his father. Apparently the younger Thomas was only 23 so that would be about 1816. I don't know the exact details for much of it but at his death in 1880 the Parish Magazine says that he had spent 74 years in the Parish. The Kelly's entry for 1870 has him at Winterbourne Court Farm so he was tenant at the Court Farm for at least 54 years and lived there for 64 years or more. In 1879 he was living at Winterbourne Lodge. He is buried at Iron Acton.

Thomas married Sarah Selman in 1818 in Wapley-Cum-Codrington. Apparently she was born there about 1794. Thomas and Sarah had 6 daughters and 2 sons. Thomas Lawrence was born and died in 1826 and Thomas William was born in 1834. Emma Jane Lawrence was born in 1828 and died in 1878 and Mary Selman Lawrence was born in 1832 and died in 1894. Their sister Elizabeth Lawrence was born in 1821. First Emma Jane Lawrence and then Mary Selman Lawrence married my 3x great-grandfather Joseph Tillett, son of William Tillett and Hannah Bryant. Joseph married Emma Jane in 1854 and he married Mary Selman in 1880. They didn't have any children and that was the only time that Mary Selman married. Elizabeth Lawrence married Robert Jones, son of John Jones, who was a miller at Winterbourne Down in 1891. When they were married in 1846 Robert was living at Frampton Cotterell and he and John Jones were Corn-factors. Unfortunately I don't really know much of anything else about descendants of Thomas Lawrence. Did Elizabeth and Robert Jones have any children? What happened to Thomas William Lawrence? What about their sisters: Sarah, Hannah and Helen Lawrence?

Joseph Tillett was born at Westerleigh, where his mother Hannah Bryant was born, and he was christened at Winterbourne on 18 April 1830. His father was William Tillett and his uncle was George Tillett. William and George had a number of quarries and other properties in the parish. There were Tilletts in the parish all the way back to before 1600. Several spent time at Frampton Cotterell or Mangotsfield and I know Joseph lived in Iron Acton and Whitchurch in Somerset as well as Frampton Cotterell and Winterbourne. They are variously described as farmers, yeomen, quarrymen and stone merchants. There is also some connection to the Matthews family I believe, as a couple of Tillets were married to Mathews. I haven't quite figured that part out yet but likely they are not my direct ancestors. Joseph and Emma Jane Lawrence had 5 children but 3 of the 5 died in infancy or childhood. My great great-grandmother Sarah Jane was the eldest born in 1855 and she was the only one not to be baptised at Winterbourne. Her brother William was born in 1865. I know a fair bit about the ancestry of Joseph Tillett and his descendants through Sarah Jane but I would really like to find out what happened to William and his descendants.

Other Winterbourne interests: Victoria Lodge and Winterbourne Lodge. Thomas Lawrence lived in Winterbourne Lodge for at least a couple of years. Joseph Tillett and Family were living at Victoria Lodge in 1871. CHB Ellliot wrote that members of the Tillett family held a "moiety" of Victoria Lodge until 1852. I've been looking for some time for photographs of these 2 houses. Both modern and vintage photos would be very welcome.