Stallard family of Kendleshire, 9 Badminton Rd, Wick Wick Hill

These pages are respectfully dedicated to the memory of Vera Eugenie Stallard and her family

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Malcolm Williams is researching his mother's Stallard/Stollard family...

Charles Stollard     married Coalpit Heath, 1876    Hannah Roach

born: Uppton, Berks, 1856                                   born: Winterbourne 1854

Miner          They lived at Wick Wick Hill              died: Wick Wick Hill 1897

See Map below for location of house at Wick Wick Hill.

other children of Charles & Hannah, all born at Wick Wick Hill...


William John Stallard  married at Portsmouth, 1904  Rose Farrant

Born: Wick Wick Hill, 1879                                      Born: Kent, 1882

in Royal Navy until 1920 - Iron Moulder

died 1958


born 1880



born 1882

Martha Ann

born 1883



born 1884

Charles Henry

born 1886


died 1947 at Bury Hill

Victoria Mary

born 1887



born 1889


born 1890


Emily Louise

born 1891

               |                                       |

other children of William & Rose...

Doris Stallard      Vera Eugenie Stallard married Rhys George Williams

born 1907              born 1912                                 born Llangrannog

                            died 2001

Edna Stallard

born 1915

John Henry Stallard, RN

born 1918

died 1938

Joan Lily Stallard

born 1921

still lives locally


     Malcolm Williams

See photographs of Edna, John & Joan at Hambrook School...

1928     1929     1929  and Vera Stallard's Photo Album...

Pictures of cars from Vera's Album...

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This map of 1903, reproduced here by kind permission of the Bristol Records Office, shows the location (see pencil point) of the Stallard family home at 9 Badminton Rd, Wick Wick Hill,  Kendleshire.

The road at the top right is the Badminton road, heading North for Kendleshire and Coalpit Heath.

The road on the left is heading North for Damson's Bridge and Winterbourne Down.

The road at the bottom is heading South for Downend and Bristol.

The present-day M4 Motorway passes East-West through the junction of these two roads, and the Wick Wick Farm is now the Willie Wicket's Pub.

[Ah, now I know where it is! - I hear you say.]