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Hambrook School - 1929

Left to right, top row... 1 Joan Stallard; 2 Howard Reed; 3 Harry Gordon Muff; 4 Cecil Stacey; 5 Desmond Cook; 6 Leonard Edwards; 7__ __.

Standing... 8 Iris Player; 9 Betty Organ; 10 Vera Kathleen Edwards; 11 Brenda Edwards; 12 Doris Pullin; 13 Kathleen Florence Reed; 14 Linda Jean Woodbury.

Seated... 15 Edna Malpass; 16 Jesse Collett; 17 Frank Palmer; 18 Cecil [or William ?] Coles; 19 Harvey Breddy; 20 Eunice Audrey Cleevely.

Ruth Doyle-Oasgood, a recent visitor to this site, informs us that her aunty, Vera Kathleen Edwards (No10 above), has been living for many years in Brisbane, Australia.   Vera's brothers and sisters were Roy Edwards, Kenneth Lloyd Edwards, Ruby May Edwards, Sheila Rose Edwards and Pamela Ann Edwards and they all lived in Hambrook.

Thank you, Ruth.