John Henry Stallard, also known as Jack

By Malcolm Williams

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Jack was born 23 May 1918 and began school at Hambrook, South Gloucestershire, in September 1921 having previously been at school in Downend, Bristol.

In 1929 he sat an examination to go to Chipping Sodbury Grammar School and was one of just three children at Hambrook School that year to gain a free place.

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In this photo, c1933, Jack is seen at the Grammar School with three of his class mates...


Jack is second from the left.

The other names are known, but the order is uncertain; thought to be...

left: W Alden,

in shadow: F Poole,

right: F Fortune.

Circa 1936, Jack joined the Royal Navy

and trained at HMS Ganges, near Ipswich, Suffolk.

[Follow the above link to see some excellent pictures of HMS Ganges]

It is said that he was destined for an exemplary career, but he died on 12 October 1938 at the early age of 20, suffering from a rare form of cancer.

Jack is seen here in the centre of the picture, c1937.

[This really is a fine photograph. Does anyone recognise the other two young men?]

Jack had four sisters who all went to Hambrook School...

The oldest was Doris Rose, born 1907, began school at Downend Girls School before moving to Hambrook School in September 1921. She finished school at age 14 in 1921.

Next was Vera Eugenie, born 1912, began school at Downend Infants before moving to Hambrook School in September 1921.  She finished school at age 14 in 1926.

Edna Grace, born 1915, started at Hambrook School in September 1926. At a Needlework Competition at Filton in 1927, Edna's work was Highly Commended. She finished school at age 14 in 1929.

Jack's youngest sister, Joan Lily, born 1921, began her education at Hambrook School in April 1925. In 1932 she sat an examination and became eligible to go to Chipping Sodbury Grammar School, but she did not go there. The records show that she left Hambrook School at age 14 in 1935.

Jack's Father, William John Stallard was born at Winterbourne c1879, died 1958 age 79. He and his wife, Rose, died 1969 age 86, were buried at All Saints, Winterbourne Down.

Also buried at All Saints, Winterbourne Down, were William's brother, Charles Henry, died 1947 age 61, and his wife Clara, died 1938 age 52.  For reasons not yet understood, their tombstone records them as Stollard.

The father of William John and Charles Henry was Charles Stollard, born in Uppton, Berks c 1856, and came to live in Winterbourne. He married Hannah Roach, who died at Wick Wick Hill, 10 May 1897 age 43.

This information was gathered together, using this WebSite, and kindly sent to us, with the above photographs, by Malcolm Williams, son of Vera Eugenie Williams nee Stallard.

He is researching this family and is currently trying to find where Hannah Roach was buried.

If anyone else is researching the Stallard/Stollard family, Malcolm would be pleased to share information with them.

Please email the WebMaster, Ray Bulmer, to be put in touch.