Vera Eugenie Stallard of Kendleshire,

9 Badminton Rd, Wick Wick Hill

These pages are respectfully dedicated to the memory of Vera and her family

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These photographs are from an album kept by Vera in the late 1920s and '30s, and kindly donated to this site by Vera's son, Malcolm Williams.

Vera, the girl on the left, is seen here with colleagues at the Soundwell Steam Laundry.

The girl on the right is Vera's friend Stella Punter and the girl in the centre is referred to in the album simply as Beth.

Vera, on the left, is again seen here with her friend Stella Punter, right.

The lady centre is Stella Cook.


Vera, at the seaside and in the garden.

In this picture, Vera is sitting in the back garden of her parent's home at 9 Badminton Rd, Wick Wick Hill, Kendleshire, near Winterbourne Down.

Vera's father and grandfather ran the property as a small holding and grew strawberries, plums, rhubarb and apples for the Bristol markets.


And here is Vera enjoying herself at the seaside with her friend Stella Punter and Len Snell.

Stella & Len were soon to be married and in the 1950s had a shop in Fishponds on the hill above the bus station.

Stella & Len Snell

Here is another friend of Vera's.

Minnie Woodward is enjoying a picnic in the countryside.

There are many pictures in the album, some of them with names, and some showing wonderful old cars and motorbikes.

I shall get round to scanning some of these soon and add them to another page on this site, for your enjoyment.