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William & Emma Jane Hiscox - Emma Jane's maiden name was Horseman

They were both born in Winterbourne in 1859.

William & Emma lived in the cottage next to St Michael's School in the High Street. They had four children, the youngest of whom, Elsie, after her marriage to Richard Whitehead of Clifton, Bristol, stayed on at the cottage and raised twelve children.

Elsie & Richard were the grandparents of JaneThomas, nee Whitehead, who sends us these pictures.

The cottage, which was part of a rank between the Wheatsheaf and the school, was later demolished.

Henry Anstey

was born in Frampton Cotterell in 1827 and was living in Wickwick Farm at the time of the 1841 census.

The family later moved to Elm Farm, Stoke Gifford.

Henry married his first wife Jane in 1849 and they lived in Winterbourne Down before moving to Watley's End, where he is listed as a General Dealer and Shopkeeper. He had two sons, Henry Anstey & Robert Anstey. The elder brother, Henry, died aged 48, whilst Robert went on to produce nine children.

Henry senior's second wife, Elizabeth, was also the mother of Robert's wife, Annie Louise, which must have caused some confusion with the grandchildren!

Robert & Annie Louisa's eldest son, Francis Anstey, married Annie Garland, and their son, Sidney Anstey, was the father of Jane Whitehead's mother.

Got that? Well, if you're so clever, what was Henry Anstey Snr's relationship to Jane? Answers on a postcard, please below.

Henry Anstey senior, seen here on the right in this splendid photograph, died in 1910 and is buried at Watley's End.


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Henry Anstey Snr was the Great Gt Gt Grandfather of Jane Thomas, nee Whitehead (on her mother's side); and Jane Thomas' Great Grandfather was William Hiscox (on her father's side).

Pictures, names and dates kindly supplied by

Jane Thomas, nee Whitehead..