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Hambrook Darts Team at the Black Horse - year not known - 1950s ?

Left to right, back row: 1 Albert Taylor; 2 Gerald Anstey; 3 Maurice Glastonbury (Swindon); 4 Tom Collett.

Centre row: 5 Larry Coogan; 6 Ray Thornell; 7 Bill Murray; 8 Walley Richards; 9 George Anstey; 10 Harry Upton; 11 Bill Andrews;

12 Snowy Hacker; 13 Dave Maggs; 14 (half hidden) Raymond Anstey; 15 (in front of 14) Bill Hutton [see note below]; 16 Ken Anstey;

17 Ian (Sooty) Maggs; 18 Mac Adams; 19 Sidney Anstey.

Front row: 20 May Anstey, landlady of Black Horse; 21 Eddy Upton; 22 Roy Pearce; 23 Stan Sleeman; 24 Len Hacker;

25 Harry Cook; 26 Henry Anstey, landlord of the Black Horse.

 Photograph and names kindly given by Roy Baker, a visitor to this web site.

If anybody can fill in the missing names, we would be pleased to hear from you.


Thank you Jane, granddaughter of Sidney Anstey, for the additional names, shown above and below in black.

[Jane has now, Nov 2006, sent further names, together with a few corrections, all shown above in blue. Thank you, Jane.]           

The Landlord, Henry Anstey, was brother to Sidney & George.

Henry, George & Sidney were the great grandsons of Henry Anstey.

Gerald, Raymond & Ken were the sons of Henry & May

Note re Bill Hutton: this was originally shown here as Bill Luton, but an email from a visitor to this website in September 2007, Geraldine Thornell, contained the following information...

'In the photo of the Hambrook darts team, the name of Bill Luton is incorrect, his name is Bill Hutton and he was the brother-in-law of May and Henry Anstey.  Bill and his wife Myfanwy Hutton used to keep the White Horse inn, next door, and Myfanwy and May were sisters.

May and Henry were my grandparents, and Gerald Anstey was my dad! It was lovely to see the photo of all of them together, such an interesting web-site, thank you. Oh!, and my married name is Thornell; Ray Thornell in the photo was my father in law!!

Thanks, Geraldine Thornell (nee Anstey).

Below is another picture of some of the same people - seems to have been taken at the same time...