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On the Corner of Begbrook Road and Bristol Road

BS16 1SZ


TThe Museum remains open while the roadway in front is being reconstructed. Access to the car park can be gained via the new housing estate roads, from either the Bristol Road or Beckspool Rd entrances.


Our normal opening times are:-

Saturdays 14.00-17.00hrs

Sundays 14.00 - 17.00hrs

Wednesdays 13.00 - 16.00hrs


The opening times depend on the availability of volunteers.

We need more volunteers, do let us know if you are able to help.


The Museum is run by the Frenchay Tuckett Society; who hold a regular series of talks.


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 Museum Talks - to be held at the Friends Meeting House


Starting at 7.30pm 


                            Visiting Exhibitions


Porcelain Collection

Mountaineering Displays

Mountaineering Sketches


WW2 Memorabilia


History of Frenchay Hospital

Memories of Frenchay Hospital


The Fry Chocolate Family



Books - Mostly produced by and sold in the Museum


New Books :-

 The Amazing Life of the Revd Hugh Cowell Kinred £1.50

Frankie Went to Hollywood £3.50

East with Eadon  £6.00


                                                  Prints for Sale



     History of the Museum

Artefacts Saved from Frenchay Hospital

Radio Lollipop Window


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