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     An Autograph Book kept by May Ellis of Hambrook

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 Autograph Book

used by May Florence Ellis while nursing at Cleve Hill Military Hospital in 1915.


May lived for a time at Moorend Farm, Hambrook before moving to Cattybrook Farm in 1916. She married Gerald Victor Garrett circa 1918


The book is now owned by Eric Garrett of Olveston. We are grateful to him for contacting the Frenchay Village Museum and allowing us to photograph the pages here reproduced.


Pages 1 to 12

May Ellis,           C Bravery,

E Hambridge,   B Wright,

ES Blewett,       Pat J White,

AJ Collier,         Robt T Mason,

BJ Yard,            W Kemp.

Pages 13 to 24

Gerald Coles,        G Purvis,

J Harris,                 A Lockett,

Robert A Letty,    Wilfred Stainsby,

GF Maggs,            AE England,

W Oxenham,        W Finch.

Pages 25 to 36

C Berridge,                AH Brett,

LC Harwood,            George Folley,

Howard B Drake,     George S Ulrich,

D Evans,                    W (Pimple) Jefferson

Pages 37 to 48

W (Pimple) Jefferson,

G Millard,                Joseph Hayden,

A Davis,                  A Skilling,

David H Bidwell,   F Fople (Pople ?),

George S Ulrich,   WJ Mace.

Pages 49 to 53

FJ Chugg,               F Pople (?)


Moorend Farm, Hambrook, with Mr & Mrs Ellis, sons Frank (left), Harry (right) and daughter May.