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Email received in April 2014 from Pam Conder, now living in Australia...


Some time ago I looked up Cleve Hill Hospital on the InterNet and it lead me to your site.


I have my mother's autograph book from World War 1. She was then Amy Hill, and lived in Downend, Bristol. She appears to have been a volunteer nurse/visitor during the time wounded soldiers were sent there during the war. Many of the autograph are sketches done by patients at the hospital and signed with their name and battalion and where wounded etc. As I am now getting on and don't want the book to be lost I thought it would be great to have it in the Cleve Hill Hospital section of the museum. It is currently in need of repair as it lived through a house fire I had in 1983. I am about to get it repaired and have scanned all the pages so family members can still have a copy.


Amy eventually married Arthur John (Jock) Cummings an Australian soldier (not sure how they met - maybe he was a patient or visiting someone at the hospital). They had 2 children while still in England (Harold Arthur John - killed in WW2 while flying for the RAF 150 bomber squadron and Constance Jean). They eventually came out to Australia as Jock found it difficult to get work over there after the war. They later had 2 more daughters Carol and myself Pam. I am the last one alive apart from a daughter of Harold who was born after he went missing in action. (Elizabeth Rowe currently of Southampton - whom we only found in recent years). I have given her Harold (Hal's) war flight record and a few other items and hope she gets them to some military museum in the future.


Pam Conder


In September 2014 Pam sent a copy of the autograph book to our museum, the pages of which are reproduced here...


The Frenchay Museum is grateful to Pam for sending us this valuable record.


Coincidentally, later, in the same month, the museum was contacted by Eric Garrett of Olveston, who had another Autograph Book...

Pages 1 to 20


Pages 61 - 80


Note: some pages were blank.

Pages 21 - 40

Pages 81 - 90

Pages 41 - 60

Pages 91 - 105



Amy Constance Hill.

Born 9 March 1898 at  Sunnyside, Hambrook, Gloucestershire.

Lived in Downend, Bristol.


Married John  (Jock) Cummings 31 December 1919 at Christ Church, Downend.


 (Note: Our sources for Jock contain conflicting details...

His name is recorded either as Arthur John or Albert John)
















Amy’s Mother and two of four brothers…


Standing: Frederick W Hill (1896-1980) returned safely from WW1 and emigrated to Canada in 1920.



Harold Randolph Hill, (1897-??) Sapper in WW1, killed in action and buried in France.

His name is recorded on the Scout War Memorial, Downend.


Seated: Caroline Hill.



Amy at 25 North Street, Doiwnend.