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Whiteshill Congregational Chapel - Picnic 1955

The following names have been sent to us by Ann Carpenter...

1. Rosa Elizabeth Smith (nee Barnett), Ann's great grandmother.

2. Mabel Smith (nee Cook), daughter-in-law of Rosa and wife of Charles Smith.

3. Could be Mr Cook, Mabel's father.

Information received from Steve Manning, a visitor to this site, suggests that the lady between 3 & 4 was Mrs Blanche Vile of Frenchay, who lived opposite the Frenchay Village Museum in a semi by the bus stop for Bristol.

4. Albin Frederick Albert Smith, husband of Rosa.

The following wedding is of Ann's parents...

The Wedding of Lillian May Moon and Raymond Frank Martin

at Whiteshill Chapel - 2 July 1949

Ann Carpenter has kindly sent in these names for the above wedding photograph...

1 Raymond Frank Martin (groom); 2 Lilian May Moon (bride); 3 Ruby Martin (groom's sister, Maid of Honour);

4 Dorothy Louisa Moon (bride's mother, nee Smith); 5 Rosa Elizabeth Smith (nee Barnett); 6 sister of Rosa E Smith;

7 Elsie Randall (sister of groom); 8 Herbert Charles Moon (father of bride); 9 Charles Smith (brother of Dorothy);

10 Eric Barnett; 11 Albin Smith; 12 Philip Hall (groom's brother-in-law, Best Man); 13 Elsie Martin (groom's mother);

14 Frank Martin (groom's father); 15 Lilian Moon (bride's cousin); 16 Rosalind Hall (groom's niece). The young boy standing between Rosalind (16) and Ruby (3) is Philip Randall, nephew of the groom.

15 August 1948


Left to right: Peter Moon,

Dorothy Moon (nee Smith),

May Moon,

Rosa Elizabeth Smith (nee Barnett)

and Albin Frederick Albert Smith.


Picture taken in the front garden of 'Sireford', Hicks Common, Winterbourne Down, later known as 20 Harcombe Hill.

9 July 1950


Albin Frederick Albert Smith and

Rosa Elizabeth Smith (nee Barnett)