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Lilian May Moon, born September 1926, lived on Harcombe Hill, Winterbourne Down.


Her father was Herbert Charles Moon and her mother was Dorothy Louisa.


She is seen here with her younger brother, Peter Charles, born May 1931. [Notice the Winterbourne Down Railway Viaduct in the background]


She also had an older sister, Dorothy Irene, born June 1923.


They all attended the Winterbourne Council School on Whites Hill Common, Hambrook, and can be seen on the Hambrook School photographs elsewhere on this site.


 See also, Lilian's Wedding photo...

In this picture, May is seen outside her house on Harcombe Hill, with neighbours Brenda & Beryl Petrie, twins; of whom it has been said that they didn't even look like sisters! They were born in November 1925; father Charles Edward, mother Florence Mary.


Brenda Petrie was a Postwoman in Winterbourne Down for a time.








This is May's school report at the end of the school year, Summer 1934.

It is signed by teacher NE Stokes and head teacher George S Palmer.

Information received from Steve Manning, a visitor to this site, indicates that Mr Palmer was a clear advocate of using the cane; whereas Nellie Stokes was very adept with the flat of the ruler across the knuckles, and was always more feared than Mr Palmer.

Other teachers at the school at that time were...

EA Evans and

A Elizabeth Ponting, Domestic Subjects Mistress.

May had a good singing voice.

How many pupils at Hambrook can remember these standard writing books?

And this is May's school report at the end of her school life, aged 14 years, November 1940.

She went to work at Parnell's in Yate during the war and was there when it got bombed. Many people she knew were killed, but she managed to crawl out through a small window. She was 15 or 16 at that time.



May later married at the Congregational Chapel on Whites Hill Common.


Sadly, Dorothy Irene Moon died in October 1940, just 17 years old.





Meanwhile, Brenda Petrie had received a good report from A Elizabeth Ponting in the cookery classes.


Brenda still lives [2005] in Winterbourne.







Photo's and information kindly supplied by

Ann Carpenter, daughter of May Moon