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Whiteshill Church - 1950s

Front row, far right: Rosa Elizabeth Smith, nee Barnett.

Behind the ladies standing, third gent in from the right: Albin Frederick Albert Smith, died 1958.

These were the parents of Dorothy Louisa Moon, nee Smith; and grandparents of Lilian May Moon.

Photograph and names kindly supplied by

Ann Carpenter, Great Granddaughter of Albin & Rosa.


See below for some more names - kindly supplied by Brian Lloyd...

Top row: 1. Mr J Miles 2. Mr A Vile

Second row, standing: 3. Rev AG Hutchings; 4. Mr Sheane; 5. nk 6. Mrs Manning; 7. nk; 8. Miss M Lowe (later Mrs Gwynne);

9. nk; 10. Mrs H Lowe; 11 nk; 12 Mrs Evans; 13. Miss I Knowles; 14. Mrs Ford; 15 Mr R Ford; 16. Mr H Harding (son);

17. nk; 18. Mrs Vile; 19. Mr AFA Smith; 20 - 26 nk.

Front row, seated: 27 nk; 28. Mrs F Harding; 29. Mrs Hutchings; 30. Mrs Gifford; 31. Miss Ethel Harding (daughter, later Mrs Churchill);

32. Mrs W Harding; 33 Miss Harding (daughter); 34. Mrs M Harding (daughter-in-law); 35. nk; 36. Mrs Sheane; 37. Mrs Mann, formerly Mrs Clothier; 38. Mrs Elizabeth Smith.


It is thought that this photo was taken on the occasion of Mrs W Harding's 80th birthday.

Mrs Harding (No32) and family lived in Hambrook House on the corner of The Stream, opposite the old Turner's Bakery, and they farmed the land between what is now the Ring Road and Hambrook Lane. The old Spire of the St Michael's Church in Winterbourne still stands in the garden, on top of what is generally thought to have been an Ice House. The spire was rebuilt here after the church was struck by lightning.

Mrs Harding (No32) was always known at the church as Mrs Willi Harding to differentiate between her and Mrs Fred Harding (No28) of Maule's Nursery. It is thought that they were not related, although both families were Market Gardeners.

Mrs Gifford (No30), was the widow of another Market Gardener, working at the holding just North of Winterbourne Church.

Mr Smith (No19), known locally as Sgt Smith, was a retired police officer, and father of Charles Smith, a very well known and respected potter in the Fishponds area.

Mr Jack Miles (No1) was for some years bandmaster of the Hambrook Silver Band


Information and names remembered by Brian Lloyd's wife, Mrs Anne J Lloyd, nee Hathway, of Winterbourne Down.

Anne has always been connected with the Evangelical Church on Whiteshill Common, and is the daughter of the late Henry Hathway.

She has also supplied us with more photographs which will be appearing on this WebSite shortly.