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Frenchay Cycling Club 1950


Left to right - Standing: John Clifford, Terry Davis

Kneeling: Jimmy Parker

Sitting: Geoffrey Hutton, Michael Uren, -?- , girl , Jean Mustoe, Terry Ellis, Richard Steadman, Barbara Wilkins

On the old Western-super-Mare pier

Left to right: Norman Parker, Alan Magfgs, Jean Mustoe, Barbara Wilkins, Richard Steadman, Jimmy Parker, Terry Ellis

On the Western-super-Mare sands

Left: Barbara Wilkins; right: Jean Mustoe

Frenchay Cycling Club 1950

In 1949/1950, youths in the village of Frenchay formed a cycling club.

A man named Marshall Uren helped organise and guided us along the correct path. He did not always ride withn us but Marshall did organise lectures. On one occasion we attended a talk on how to read maps, for example by the local 'bobby' Mr Lee. Often we took turns at being leader whenever riding off for shorter evening rides. The leader, whoever he or she might be, was always respected.

I remember when we rode to Tintern Abbey, most members went across on the Aust/Beachly ferry, but four of us thought that too easy. We rode up to Gloucester and right down the other side following the River Severn and visiting Symonds Yat before eventually meeting up at Tintern Abbey. I found it very hard going because of my 'fixed wheel' with just one gear all the way. Some thought that fixed wheels was the thing of the day. How wrong they were.

We were organised and well behaved and I cannot recall ant trouble whatever.

We were very happy in what we were doing. I would have been 14/15 years old at the time.

[Photo and text kindly supplied by Alan Maggs.]