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 William Mustoe

came to live in Frenchay in the early 1930s

He worked as Head Gardener to Frenchay Park Farm and Sanatorium, and lived in the lodge house that is now the Frenchay Village Museum.

He and his wife, Alice Mary, had a daughter, Jean, who was born in the lodge in 1935.

Williamís wife, Alice Mary, was a nurse at Frenchay Hospital.

William is seen here in his own garden at the lodge.

The lime tree drive is in the background and the hospital cricket pitch is on the right.


William with his wife, Alice Mary Mustoe.

They lived at the lodge for many years and retired to Stapleton and then to Fishponds, where Alice died in 1989. William died in 1996.

Their daughter, Jean,

is seen here in the 1950s.

Jean was married from the lodge in 1957

[Now the Frenchay Village Museum]

Jean and her husband, Terry Smith, visited the Museum on the day that it was opened in May 2000, and had a very nostalgic look round the old home.

Terry & Jean now live in Felton.


Photos kindly provided by

Jean Smith, nee Mustoe.