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Elizabeth Fox Tuckett

She was born on 9th April 1837, at the Old House, Frenchay Common, oldest daughter of Francis & Mariana Tuckett.

She was a talented artist and published several books of sketches, two of which, ‘Pictures in Tyrol’ and ‘Zig-Zagging in the Alps’, can be seen at the Frenchay Village Museum.

She married William Fowler in 1871, and the following entry was made in the Frenchay National School diary by the Master, Solomon Piper:- ‘March 2nd, A grand wedding in the village today (Miss Tuckett's) - few at school in morning. Holiday given to all the school in afternoon. A beautiful day’.

Tragically, Lizzie died in childbirth a year later.

This portrait of Elizabeth

was painted by

William Holman Hunt

in 1869.