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Louis Maggs - born Winterbourne Down circa March 1875...

The information and photographs on this page were kindly supplied

by David Bradly.

Louis Maggs was the youngest son of Aaron Maggs and Mary Ann nee Anstey, and was baptised at All Saints Winterbourne Down.

Aaron & Mary married in 1856 and had a large family: Samuel 1859, Fanny 1861, Emma 1863, Rosina 1865, Tilly 1867, Frank 1869, Jesse 1871, Hannah 1873, Louis 1875.

Aaron died in December 1877.

Louis joined his brothers in the building trade and became a stone mason working on such projects as the Severn Rail Tunnel for many years.

Louis married Lilian Baber, the youngest daughter of James and Elizabeth Baber in 1896 and moved to Frenchay, living at Frome Villas.

[Elizabeth Baber, nee Vowles, was a sister of Hannah Vowles]

One week, while Louis was working away on the tunnel, the end cottage in Frome Villas became available, and being larger than their initial home, Lilian signed the contracts and moved into the new house with the family. When Louis came home he was very surprised to find another family living in Ďhisí house - until he was told what had happened !

[Can you imagine selling a house that quickly these day..? Ed.]

Louis lived in the Villas until his death in 1934.

Lilian survived into her 90ís, living until 1968, and both she and Louis are buried at St John the Baptist Church, Frenchay.

Lilianís brother Henry ran the bakerís shop in Frenchay.

Louis and Lilian had 6 children; Ethel (1896), Bert (1898), Dorris (1900), Sidney (1903), Henry (1908) and a late arrival, Christine (1918).


The Family Photograph, 1920...

Standing, left to right: Ethel, Sidney, Bert, Doris.

Middle row: Louis, Henry, Lilian.

Front: Christine.


For a family tree of the Maggs family,

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Christine is seen here with her Mum & Dad

Sidney Maggs took up photography as a hobby and these early photographs, scanned from their original glass plates, survive from his early shots.


The following photographs were all taken by Sidney, but the subjects are unknown.

If anyone recognises anybody, we would be pleased to hear from you...

Above, dated August 1919.



< < < Could this be on Frenchay Hill?

< < < Notice over door reads...

BG Turner; General Stores; Tobacconist Etc.


Notice on door reads...

Ball & Pinnells; Mineral Waters; and; Hop Bitters.

Frenchay Common


This page is respectfully dedicated to the memory of

Louis Maggs and his family.


The information and photographs are kindly supplied

by David Bradly.