The Ford Family of Hambrook

Contributed by Ted Ford

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Ted Ford has sent us an account of life in Hambrook, which I am sure you will find of interest...  Hambrook Tales, by Ted Ford.

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Picture, right: Ted has now sent us a picture of himself after his early morning bath...

Thanks, Ted.


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More family pictures below...

Harry & Alice Maud Ford with their family – c1911


In the early 1900s they lived in Frenchay in a cottage over the quarry and later moved to Nos 1 & 2 Westbourne Terrace, behind the school.


Left to right: Emmy, Doris, Ted, Alice Maud with baby Frank, George with Ern in front, Harry Ford with Winnie in front, and Gilbert.

Emily Alice married Harold William Hunt 26-12-1929 at the age of 35.

George Henry born 12-11-1896.

Gilbert born 27-4-1899.

Edward born 25-7-1900.

Ernest born 16-6-1902.

Doris Louise born 10-4-1905.

Winifred born 18-7-1907.

Francis John born 8-7-1910.

Later children…..

Meta Ethel born 10-3-1914.

Gertrude Edith born 11-9-1916.



George Henry Ford,

A/Bombadier RH & RFA-1410


Born 12th November 1896 and baptised at Frenchay Church 8th June 1899.

George went into the Great War as soon as it started.

His spurs, demob papers and medal papers have been donated to the Frenchay Village Museum.



George & Gertrude Fordc1950

photograph taken in the their garden at Hambrook.


They lived in part of the cottage, now known as Cherry Tree Cottage, at the entrance to Sunnyside Lane, Hambrook.



George’s son, Ted, remembers taking the rent, which was 6/- a week, to the owner, Isabel Ludwell, who lived down towards the Bradley Brook, nearly opposite the White Horse. When Isabel died in 1944, the property was sold by auction to Sid Churchill, who paid £40 for the two cottages, which were under threat of demolition at that time.

See Hambrook Tales...

See also additional Hambrook Tales...

At that time, the cottage was divided into two dwellings, the other half being lived in by Sam & Hannah Huish.

When the Huishs died, in about 1950, the pair of cottages were sold to Vernon W Cottle, a racing motorcyclist.

Information and photographs kindly supplied by

Ted Ford, son of George.