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Sam & Hannah Huish

of 2 Grove View, Hambrook

circa 1901


The baby is either their son George or their elder daughter Doris.


Hannah's maiden name was Lowe, and her brother was Fred Lowe.


Hannah was the Auntie of Irene Lowe, daughter of Fred Lowe.

The Huish family.

George, Roselyn, Sam

Hannah & Doris

circa 1916


Sam & Hannah Huish in the back garden at No2 Grove View, Hambrook.


Newspaper cutting...


"Golden Wedding: Sam & Hannah Huish of Grove View, Hambrook, have celebrated their Golden Wedding. Their ages are 71 and 73 respectively and both are lifelong inhabitants of Hambrook. They have three children and three grandchildren. Mr Huish started work as a painter and decorator at the age of 12, earning 2 shillings and 6 pence a week, and when he was 20 he was getting 18 shillings for a 73-hour week."


Gents at rear, left to right: Henry Hathway and Wally Garland.

Girls and Ladies: Anne Hathway; Roselyn Hathway (nee Huish); Doris Huish [Widow of George Huish ?]; Doris Garland (nee Huish); Joy Garland.

Sam & Hannah Huish

David Hathway &

David Barnes [relationship ?]


Information received from Steve Manning, a visitor to this site who knew Joy Garland, suggests that this picture may have been taken around 1952/3


Above information and photographs kindly supplied by

Mrs Anne Lloyd, nee Hathway, seen above.




Mrs Hannah Huish of Hambrook.


When Cherry Tree Cottage, Hambrook, was divided into two houses, Mrs Huish, seen here on the left, lived in the other half to the Ford family on the side furthest from Sunnyside Lane.


In this picture are; on the left, Mrs Gertrude Ford from next door; Mrs Huish is on the right; and the lady in between is Gwen Ettles, now Gwen Robbins.

Gwen was in touch with the museum some time ago and gave us a number of photo’s, all of which can be seen at the museum.

Photo of Margery Huish, taken about 1930.


Margery was the adopted daughter of

Albert (brother of Sam Huish) & Florence Huish

Information and photographs kindly supplied by

Ted Ford, son of George Ford.