Charlie Dando, by Sue Hale

Lived near the Swan Inn, Winterbourne

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Sue Hale has sent us the following information and photographs...

My Mum, Jean Dando, was brought up at Elm Tree Cottage, 110 High St, Winterbourne. This is next to the Swan Inn car park. My grandfather, Charlie Dando, was originally from Nibley. He kept a large allotment at Winterbourne, where we spent many happy hours as kids on visits. On the allotment was an old static caravan in which he kept his tools; this was shared with a walking club (not ramblers, but the sport sort!). Does anyone know anything about them?

Charlie was also a keen sportsman. During a football match he knocked my mother out (a baby at the time) with an almighty kick at goal. My grandmother, Doris Emily nee Harding, died in 1968 so I never knew her. She spent much of her time with Ivy Maggs, her best buddy, who died only in the last couple of years.

My mum was very sporty and played lots of table tennis and was in the youth club footie team.

                                                                                                    Sue Hale



Thank you Sue

for these interesting pictures


Building a Bungalow - c1940


Man in the middle Arthur (Charlie) Dando.

On the end on right, we think is George Maggs.


This may be George Maggs' bungalow they are building, which is at North Road, Watley's End.


Writing on reverse of picture reads...

"George Maggs on end.

Arthur Charles Dando

building a bungalow"


Swan Inn, Winterbourne - c1942


Back row, left to right:

Terry Williams, Robin Pike, Edna Harding, Margaret Harding.


Front row, left to right:

Jean Dando, Daphne Sewell, Netta Pearce, Sylvia ___?. Susan Williams, Janet Williams, Jennifer Pike.


Iron Acton Youth Club Girls Football Team - 1951


Back row. left to right:

Mavis Gregory, Joan Conibere, __?__, Betty Rowlands, Peggy Thomas, Barbara Thomas, Jean Dando.


Front row, left to right:

__?__, Barbara Vowles, Barbara Davis, Shirley Thomas.

Winterbourne School Sports Day at Vicarage - c1944

[See also the Photograph from Sharon Sheere, with more names... ]


Little boy on end full of mischief, unknown.


Back row, left to right: Ivy Maggs, Jean Dando, Doris Emily Dando nee Harding, Gladys Harding, Monica Jones, Marie Player. Third in from right: Lily Skidmore.  Unfortunately, a bit lost from here! Names given: Iris and Ivy Skidmore somewhere along back row. Girl on end of front row looks like sister of Vera Whitehead.


Front row, left to right: Headmaster Mr Dunn, Margaret Harding, Vera Whitehead, ___?___,  ___ Adams, Ethel Tucker,  ___ Wickham, Mimi Wickham.


Iron Acton Youth Club - c1950


Sorry, no names at present. Will forward any on later. Think my poor mum was going into melt-down at this point!

Jean Dando (mum) back row 4th from left - with all the boys!


Outing - Newmans, Yate? - c1950?


Charlie Dando worked for Newmans in Yate, we assume this is on a day outing.


 Sorry, don't know anyone except him on the left.


My grandfather, Charlie Dando, played cricket but we don't know who for.


Charlie Dando is 3rd from left in back row.


Charlie Dando is 2nd from right in front row.


Charlie Dando is 2nd from right in back row.


Writing on the reverse of picture reads...

"Frenchay CC" - but that is not Frenchay Church in the background.


 Don't know anything about this picture, except Charlie Dando was in the Auxiliary Fire Service. He is 3rd in from left.


The following information was received March 2012 from Rex Hollister.

Thanks Rex

1. Man on far right is Joseph Richard Mills, brides father.

2. 2nd from left back row Donald Maggs;  4th from left Alec Jones (late of Jones garage where Tesco now is.)

3. Man on left front row Ted Hollyman (Best man) Eunice Mills nee Watson, William (Bill) Henry Maggs (Oilman, Watleys End), Marian Latitia Mills, Margery May Drew nee Mills, Mabel England, cousin of the bride.

Rex Hollister