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Winterbourne - St Michael's School - Mr Dunn starts the racing - 1947

1 boy far left, surname Drew.

Front row, left to right, 2 Mr Dunn, Head Teacher; 3 Margaret Harding; 4 Alice Lowe; 5 Shirley Harrison;

6 Margaret Adams [Sharon's dad's sister]; 7 Ethel Tucker; 8 Margaret Wickham; 9 Marina Wickham.

Back row, left to right, 10 Ivy Maggs; 11 Jean Dando [mother of Sue Hale]; 12 Mrs Doris Emily Dando [nee Harding - grandmother of Sue Hale];

13 Mrs GladysHarding; 14 Monica Jones [Sharon's mum's cousin];

15 Marie Player [Sharon's mum's sister]; 16 Edna Rickett; 17 to 19 not known; 20 Iris Skidmore; 21 little boy not known;

22 Ivy Skidmore; 23 Edna Turner; 24 Lily Skidmore; 25 Mrs Maggs; 26 Maureen Jones.

[Small girl behind Mr Dunn is Edna Harding. Other children in the middle row not named]

Photo kindly sent in by Sharon Sheere.     Names remembered by Sharon's mum.          Thanks Sharon.

If anyone knows any other names, please contact the Web Master.

See also another copy of this photograph, sent in by Sue Hale, also with some names.