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 Hubert Attwood

was born at Conderton, on Bredon Hill near Tewkesbury, 27th April 1869, and came to live at Begbrook Lodge, on Frenchay Park Road, about 1918, working as gardener at Begbrook House. He later moved to No 2 Frome Villas, Frenchay.

He was a fine cricketer, opening bat, and played for Frenchay CC. As a young man he had played for the Vicar of Bibury, a wealthy clergyman who had his own cricket team. 

Hubert died in 1956 and was buried in Frenchay Parish graveyard.

Loise Mary Woore

married Hubert Attwood

Hubert and Louise Mary had thirteen children, of whom only three survived; Arthur, Frank & Myrtle.

Myrtle with her two brothers Arthur & Frank, outside Begbrook Lodge around 1920.

This lodge still stands, though the gate is no longer there.

It was built as a gate lodge house to Begbrook House, which is alleged to have been burned down by suffragettes.

Arthur Hubert Attwood

was born at Lechlade Cottage Hospital in 1898 and came to Frenchay about 1918, when his father moved to Begbrook Lodge. Arthur played cricket for Frenchay CC and was an aircraft engineer by trade.

Arthur died at Clifton. Beatrice died 30th January 1999.


Arthur married Beatrice Mary Barrett

at St Mary's, Fishponds, 20th August 1923. They had four children, Esme, Jean, Ruth and Denis.

    Esme Doreen, born 1928

& Jean.

  Ruth and Denis.

As an aircraft mechanic, Denis has worked in many parts of the world and played cricket on many a foreign field.

Frank Attwood,

second son of Hubert & Louisa,

was born circa 1901.

He married Mildred Bessy Macey of Stoke Gifford.


Myrtle Attwood,

daughter of Hubert & Louisa,

was born in 1905 and came to live at Begbrook Lodge when her father moved there around 1918.

She married William Henry Roy Sharpe in 1932.