Houses and Residents in Hambrook around 1940

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Location of Families in Hambrook about the time of World War Two as recorded by Ted Ford of Cottage A


Wives names if remembered, (children as remembered, not in seniority order, shown in brackets).

[Other details in square brackets]

Some families in terraced house not necessarily in correct order...


A.  George & Gertrude Ford (Edna, Teddy)

B.  Sam Huish, Hannah (Roselyn, Doris)       Cottages A & B have now been converted into one cottage

C.  Iago Pembury, Dora [nee Dora Luff, daughter of Levi Luff, Headmaster of Whiteshill school] (Jim) [and a monkey]

D.  Miss Wren, journalist.

E.  The Misses Pearce [of the family reputed to have planted the oak tree on the island opposite]

F.  Solicitor, Jimmy Counsell, Biddy (John, Paul, David, James) [and servant Molly]

G.  Mr Sandy, Mrs? (Dick) [owned the slaughter house and butchers]

H.  Doctor Hubbard, Mrs? (Jennifer, Julie?)

I.    Mrs Huish (Marjory) [Marjory gave piano lessons]

J.  Mr Moors, Mrs? (Ron, Elsie, Eunice)

K.  Mr Jack Mapstone, Mrs?

L.  Market Gardener, Ken Hood, Ethel [nee Ethel Land, teacher at Frenchay School] (Elizabeth)

M.  Mr Medlock, Mrs? (Shirley, Phylis)

N.  Mr Viles, Mrs? (Stafford, Maisie)

O.  Mr Merrick [veteran of the Boer War], Mrs? (Hilda, Lily, Edith)

P.  Mr Fred Wood, Mrs? (John, Marie) [Animal feed merchant at The Grange]

Q.  Hambrook House

R.  Hambrook House Cottage, Mr Cox, Mrs? (Betty)

S.  Market Gardener, Mr Harding, Mrs?

T.  Mr Tom Brunt, Mrs? (Nora, Bert, Trevor) [and a parrot]

U.  Mr Carpenter, Mrs? (Edna)

V.  Mr Kingscott, Mrs? (??)

W. Mr Ricketts, Mrs? (Fred, George, +??)

X.  Mr Withers, Mrs? Clive, +??) {Farmer at Faber Farm]

Y.  Mr Fred Bayliss, Mrs? (Geoff, Pauline) [Transport Contractor]

Z. Mrs Bird (Joyce)


A1.  Mr Salmon, Mrs? (Joan, found drowned in river Frome at Fishers)

A2.  Bakery, Mr Doug Turner, Mrs? (Philip, Brian, Heather)

A3.  Mr Leaver, Mrs? [Mr Leaver did hair cutting for locals]

A4.  Mr Sid Churchill, Edith (Brenda, John) [Farmer at Waterpark/Waterfall Farm, with his father Chris Churchill]

A5. St Elizabeth's Mission Room [Sunday School with Miss Brockwell]

A6.  Mr Saunders, Mrs Francis (Bob) [Small market gardener]

A7.  Mr Bill Hurley,  [Farmer at Mulgrove Farm] Mrs? (Kathleen, married Dick Sandy)


B1.  Blacksmith, Mr Pearce, Mrs?

B2.  Farmer, Mr Flux, Mrs? (Bob, Betty)    [Walton Farm, demolished for the ring road]

B3.  Garage, Mr Peters, Peggy Peters [popular pianist at The Black Horse]

B4.  Market Gardener, Mr Close, Mrs? (Betty)

B5.  Decorator & Handyman, Mr Cantle, Mrs? (Mary, Ruth, Alwyn)

B6.  Gonk Rogers [always known as - rode around village on a small motor cycle with L plates for years..!}

B7.  Mr Jackson, Mrs? (John, Adelein) [Houses known as The Woolpack]

B8.  Mr Parker, Mrs? (Norman +??)

B9.  Local Village Shop, Pullin's, Mrs? (+??) [Did radio accumulator charging]

B10.  Council house rank, Mr & Mrs Palmer (Phyllis) / Mr & Mrs Morgan (Ken) / Mr & Mrs Smart (Barbara)

B11.  Council house rank, Mr Bracey, Rose (Michael, Dinah) / Mr & Mrs Rodman (Ruby, Grace) / Mr & Mrs Ettles (Frank, Gwen)

B12.  Police Station, Constable Lee, Mrs? (Colin)

B13.  Beck's Pool [Reputed to be bottomless]

B14.  Mrs Tanner (Billy)

B15.  Mr & Mrs Curry (??)


C.     Post Office. The Miss Goods   [And village telephone kiosk]

C1.   Mr & Mrs Carpenter

C2.   Miss Nancy Waller, Girl Guide Leader.   [Cottage now demolished]

C3.   Mr & Mrs Andrews (Molly?)   [Cottage re-built]

C4.   Miss Chitty   [The old lodge for The Grove]

C5.   Mrs Nash

C6.   Mr & Mrs Burroughs (Brian)

C7.   Crown public house. Mr Maurice Organ, Flo (Betty, Jean)

C8.   Shop. 1 Mr & Mrs Harrison / 2 Mr & Mrs Dixon / 3 Mr & Mrs George Bracey

C9.   The Manse. Rev & Mrs Clothier   [Whiteshill Congregational Chapel Pastor]

C10. The Grove. Mr & Mrs Mirehouse (Ena, Rode around village on a horse, in hunting gear, accomanied by red setter dogs.

              The Hunt sometimes met at The Grove)

C11.  Bridge House. Isabel Ludwell

C12.  Willow Rank. Miss Adams / Mr & Mrs Malpass (Brenda, Joan) / Mr & Mrs Cleavely (?)

              [Demolished for road widening at bottom of Whites Hill, but never done]

C13.  Mr & Mrs Moller (Gerald)

C14.  The White Horse pub. Mr & Mrs Hutton (Geoff)

C15.  The Black Horse pub. Henry Anstey, May (Gerald, Ken, Raymond, Margaret)

              [The most popular hostelry for the American soldiers at Frenchay Hospital]

              [ The otter hounds sometimes met in the field behind the pub.

C16.  Mrs Mapstone and Bert.   [House demolished for the M4 Motorway]

C17. Mr & Mrs Amos (Peter)

C18.  Mr & Mrs Harold Edwards (Ruby, Sheila, Ken)   [Builder & Undertaker 'TBH Pendocks']

C19.  Hambrook Mill

C20.  Marigold Court

C21.  The Laurels

C22.  Mr & Mrs Thomas (Ron)

C23.  Mr & Mrs Middle (Eric)   [House damaged by a bomb]

C24.  Mr & Mrs Bartlett (Christine, Maureen)

C25.  Moorend House. Mr & Mrs Lewis (Tony)

C26.  Farmer, Mr & Mrs Rutter (Ruth, Martin)   [Said to be the oldest house in the village]


D1.    Hambrook Village Hospital

D2.    Miss Bowen

D3.    Dr Crossman, Dr Alice (Alice, Teddy, Richard)

D4.    Congregational Chapel   [Pastor, see C9 above]

D5.    Mr & Mrs Billy Maggs.   [Collector for The Pioneer Sick Benefit Club]

D6.    Mr & Mrs Northam (Colin, Roger)

D7.    Butcher, Mr & Mrs Ware (Neil ?)

D8.    Mr & Mrs Viles.   [Coal Merchant]

D9.    Mr & Mrs Taylor (Tony, Doug)

D10.  Pete & Nelly Maggs

D11.  Whiteshill School. Headmaster Mr George Palmer, Teachers Mrs Nellie Stokes, Miss Trotman, Miss Williams.

D12.  Mr & Mrs Dan Maggs (Ian, Valery)   [The local wireless expert]

D13.  Mr & Mrs Adams (Perce, Queenie)

D14.  Jim Maggs, Elizabeth (Dick, Ron, Pete, Ted, Sam, Dave, Roma, Hazel, Zoe)

D15.  Mr & Mrs Andrews ( ?? )


          Tom Walker, pushing his decorated bicycle, always ready with a bible text, no fixed abode.

          Lavender, a tramp, always scrounging, living in a shed or barn.


E1.    Army Camp, Searchlight, sound detector, light AA gun, two Nissen huts, one later used as Marjorie Huish's Piano School.

E2.    Unexploded bomb, detonated at Moorend Quarry.

E3.    Bomb in river, damaged house.

E4.    Bomb in bungalow.

E5.    Bomb in field.