Cleeve Hill Hospital, Downend, Bristol

     Autograph Book kept by Alison Hooper.        Pages 11 to 20...

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Names included on these pages...


TW Woodward, SW Ansell, M Caver, G Hardy, G Milsom,

Charles  Howard Fry, AL Fry, E Aitken, Marion Westcott, CT Woodward.


Cpl T W Woodward - 17 July 1915



S W Ansell



Pte M Caver - 25 Oct 1914



Pte G Hardy - 3 March 1915



Cpl G Milsom



Charles Howard Fry



A L Fry - Sept 1913



Pte E Aitken



Marion Westcott - Oct 1913



CT Woodward - 7.2.15