The Turner family of Hambrook and Winterbourne Down

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James Palmer with his Delivery Van.

(Photo kindly sent by Kerry Walsh, April 2021)










Another photo sent by Kerry Walsh, April 2012.

Charabanc trip to Cheddar Gorge.

The gentleman right, with trilby and his arm over the side, is Gilbert Turner.








Gilbert Turner in front of his shop in Winterbourne Down.  I estimate that this photo was taken sometime during WW1.

There is graffiti on the shop wall which reads Fred re-united with his pals 1916.  Ive no idea who Fred might have been. 

Gilbert was born in 1873 so would be around 43 in 1916.



Douglas Turner at the bakery in Hambook.

I think that this photo was taken as the same date as the press cutting below so would make it 1943-5 ish.


Photographs kindly sent in by Kerry Walsh

September 2013