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Percy Skuse - date not known.

Photo kindly sent in by Kerry Walsh, April 2021



The above is a better version of the photo below, sent in by Kerry Walsh, April 2021.



Photo sent in by Marie Skuse.

Marie is not sure whose wedding this is, but we speculate that it may be...


The Wedding of Maurice Maggs and Edith Sarah Skuse,

28 November 1931, Winterbourne Down.

The gent seated next to the bride is Albert Limbrick Skuse.

The gent far right in back row, with hat, is Marie's Grandfather, Gilbert Skuse.

The lady to the right of Gilbert is his wife Caroline Skuse, still alive today at 102.

Other names not known; can anyone help?


In response to the above appeal, Kerry Walsh has sent information about the numbered individuals...

1. Florence Turner, nee Skuse, 1908-1996.

2. Edith Skuse, nee Cook.

( Kerry thinks that Caroline Skuse may be the lady on the other side of Gilbert )

3. Maurice's father, Edward Maggs.

4. Maurice's mother, Emma Maggs.

The following photographs have been very kindly sent in by Kerry Walsh...






This photograph was taken at the wedding of

Maurice Maggs and Edith Sarah Skuse,

and confirms Marie Skuse's belief that the above wedding photo was indeed of Maurice and Edith.

The above photograph was taken at the wedding of

Winifred Lilian Violet Skuse and Archibald Albert Dando - 25 March 1939

The bride's mother, Ivy Skuse, is seated on her right, partly hidden by the flowers. Ivy's husband was Albert Cecil Skuse, a miner.

The bride's father, Albert Cecil Skuse, is immediately behind the bride.

The bride's sister, Daisy Catherine, is bridesmaid on the far left, and her brother Godfrey is the young boy on the right.

Behind Godfrey, the lady with the short hair is another sister of the bride, Gladys Ivy.

At the time of their wedding, Archibald was a shop assistant and Winnie was a factory worker.

The above photograph was taken at the wedding of

Daisy Catherine Skuse and John Victor Kenneth Maggs - 14 September 1940

The bride's mother, seated far right, is Ivy Skuse (1894 - 1979).

The bride's father, Albert Cecil Skuse stands far right.

It is now the turn of Winnie, the bride's sister, to be the bridesmaid (see photo above this one).

The gent far left is believed to be Edward Maggs.

The young bridesmaid in front of the groom is believed to be Margaret Maggs, later Margaret Wooley, daughter of Maurice & Edith.

The above two photographs are taken at the same house, but now the windows have been taped to protect them from bomb blast during the war.

The above photograph is not so certain, but Kerry's wife believes the groom to be King Palmer.

If she is correct, then a look at the wedding records reveals that

Francis Kingsley Palmer married Edith Pendock on 13 July 1936

Kingsley and his father, William, were both bakers, and Edith's father, Percy Henry, was a joiner.

The possible connection with the other photographs is that Kingsley's brother, Jeffrey, married Hilda Mary Skuse in 1951


Amendment: It is now thought that the above photo is not Francis Kingsley Palmer.

It could possibly be L Collett, seen in the above football photo. There certainly appears to be a resemblance.

Amended by Kerry Walsh, April 2021.


We are indebted to Kerry Walsh and his wife Anne Eileen nee Turner, a member of the Turner family of Winterbourne Down,

for the above names and for the use of these four photographs.

Kerry has also sent in the following three family trees [in Adobe.pdf format] showing the current state of his researches.

If anyone can verify or correct or add to these trees, Kerry would be pleased to hear from you. Please write via the Webmaster.

Descendants of John Skuse, 1806.

Descendants of Joseph Turner, 1753.

Descendants of Stephen Palmer, 1816.