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Oliver Holmes...      Policeman at Winterbourne

also Charles Edward and Elijah Matthews


On my father's maternal side my great Grandfather, Oliver Holmes, was, I believe a policeman at Winterbourne. I have a picture circa 1910 - 20?. However this is all I know. I don't know if he was a special constable, part time, full time?

I wonder if any visitors to this site have other photographs of the long arm of the law?

I also have a photo of my paternal grandparents' wedding outside the same building (police house/station?) during the war. At that time it was festooned with "your country needs you" type posters.

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Chris Matthews

Elijah Matthews married Lilly Ethel Holmes on 10th August 1918. Elijah is described as Sergeant RGA on active service in the registers. He can be seen wearing his uniform in the wedding photograph. Those in the picture, as far as I know, are...

Back Row l to r... Charles Edward Matthews, WB Wuncomb?, Elijah Matthews, Lily Ethel Holmes, Oliver Holmes
Front row l to r...  Isabella Matthews, unknown girl, unknown boy, May G. Hussey (later Huish), Florence Holmes

I am guessing the man in naval costume is WB Buncomb, because this is the name of the witness in the Parish register. Have no idea where he is from or why he was there.

You will recognise Charles Edward Matthews and Elijah Matthews from the

1910 Adult School Picture, the 1914 Adult School picture, and the Frenchay Cricket picture on this website.

My grandfather Elijah was also the editor of the history of Frenchay CC Centenary Book that is reproduced on the site.

Chris Matthews