Text Box: The Frenchay Tuckett Society
New Year 2012 Newsletter    
Registered Charity No. 1066961
Text Box: All talks are held in the 
Quaker Meeting House Beckspool Road, Frenchay   
Starting at 7.30pm Admission is £2
Text Box: January 12th 2012 
Day Return to Severn Beach 
 David Cheesley looks back at our nearest seaside resort in the 1950s & 60s, where crowds flocked to "The Blue Lagoon" for a bracing swim.
Text Box: February 9th 2012

     William Champion’s Brassworks
        Roger Angerson tells the story of this pioneering industrialist who was at the  forefront of the Industrial Revolution
Text Box: Contacts
Chairman Alan Freke 0117 9570942
Secretary Roger Angerson 0117 9569490
Treasurer Martin Longbottom 0117 9566393
Archivist Ray Bulmer 0117 9569324
Custodian Co-ordinator Hazel Copsey 0117 9571438
The Frenchay Tuckett Society
Frenchay Village Museum
Begbrook Park
Frenchay, South Glos. BS16 1SZ
Text Box: The visiting exhibition in the museum from 
7th January when we reopen is 
" The Mothers’ Union ".  During March, April and May it’s “Friends of the Frome”, and this is followed by an exhibition to mark the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s accession. 
The museum is just insideEntrance "B" of Frenchay Hospital, 
and is open Wed., Sat., and Sun. afternoons. Admission is free.
                ARCHAEOLOGY GROUP

We had our first field walk in October. This was to give us some experience and to learn what might be expected of us. In November we tried our hand at Geophys.under the guidance of South Glos. Archaeologist.
January will find us exploring the slopes of the Frome Valley where it is believed a holy well once existed.   Remains of which were still visible in 1944.   We shall also continue to research 
a site with geophys with the County Archaeologist.
Teresa Norton
Text Box: March 8th 2012
 Redcliffe Caves
    Al  an Grey takes us on a tour of these remarkable survivors from the Medieval period of Bristol’s history.

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