Text Box:        We are always looking for more custodians, and if you are interested in coming along and finding out more, call Hazel Copsey on 0117 9571438.  Whether you help once or twice a month, or once of twice a year you will be welcome. 
Text Box:          We have provided help for a number of TV programme makers, one in America, and two for the BBC. We are now insisting on proper credits, and one shown in November - “The Hairy Bikers” in their chocolate programme, resulted in museum visitors who saw it. 
Text Box: Par   Most of the Frenchay Village Museum Web Site is devoted to family history research in the Winterbourne, Winterbourne Down and Frenchay parishes. In addition to all known church records and censuses, there is a substantial quantity of photographs, including sports groups, schools and family photo's.
An     important recent addition has been photo's of the Fry family, originally compiled by Priscilla Hannah Fry in 1901. A fascinating inclusion in this is a set of 'Paper Cuts', done by Fry family members. These are an art form in their own class, presumably normally executed by female members of well-to-do households in the 18th/19th centuries.
Ot     other recent additions include letters and journals written by Fredrick Tuckett, some of these written during his surveying of the South Island, New Zealand. Also, lists of passengers on emigrant ships to Nelson during the 1840s/50s can be viewed.
Vi     Visitors to the site send in photo's; for example, Class 1 and the rugby team at Hambrook school in 1968/69. And did you know that there was once a Frenchay Cycling Club? The photo's show the club at Weston-super-Mare, with Jean Mustoe. (Jean was born in our museum when it was the home of the Hospital gardener).
Look for...   www.frnchaymuseumarchives.co.uk   
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Text Box: At      The AGM the offer by Cadburys of some important artefacts to museum was reported.  They include 49 of the medals Frys won at International Expositions, the mortar and pestle used by Joseph and Anna Fry in the 1750s to grind cocoa beans, and perhaps most significantly, the bar of chocolate exhibited by Frys at the Great Exhibition of 1851. During the December shut down a new case to display the medals should have been installed, and they will be part of the permanent Fry display – well worth a visit! 
Text Box:          Thanks to the generosity of a couple from the village, we have just had restored a painting by a well-known Bristol artist Alfred Nixon Moore. It was painted in 1959 and features a newly built Grange Park. An odd subject you might think, but he didn’t, and you can see it on display from January 
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You    You may have seen in the Fry exhibition last January we featured an ex-Fry’s angel named Elsie Griffin who was a cousin of one of our members. We also had a feature about her at our AGM in May. She became an opera star after winning the Bristol Eisteddfod in 1914. Our highlighting her story caught the imagination of the press, and the result is that in February the Lord Mayor of Bristol will be unveiling a blue plaque commemorating Elsie that is being placed on her old school. 

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