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New Year 2011 Newsletter

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      13th January 2011                     February 10th 2011


        Bristol in the 1950s                                  The Market Gardens of     

 A look back 60 years to when Bristol                                  South Gloucestershire

had no traffic congestion, and the world                           Richard Spalding looks at a local  

          was still in black & white!                                            industry that's still thriving.

              With Mike Hooper.



        March 10th 2011                   


Household Electrical Appliances of a Bygone Age                All talks are held in the Quaker Meeting House

   Peter Lamb shows how laboursaving devices                           Beckspool Road,  Frenchay                                             

             transformed housework.                                                       Starting at7.30pm               

This is the Sawyer Memorial Lecture                                                                          



We were part of the exhibition to celebrate the                          We have been able to help a number of Television                           

history of Frys that was staged at Somerdale                            programmes of late. Jimmy's Food Factory   

last August. It was so successful that Cadbury's                       Christmas Special includes chocolate, and we

have decided to repeat it, so come to the Fry Club                    supplied them with images of Joseph Fry (who

at Somerdale and see displays ranging from the                       made the first chocolate bar in 1847).

world's oldest bar of chocolate, to the story of a                         Also "Time Team" with information about Walton Farm,

Fry's Angel who became a national singing                               Hambook (demolished to make way for the Ring Road)

sensation following her win in a singing                                     when during an exploration of caves on the Somme

competition in Bristol in 1914.                                                  they found graffiti relating to Albert Flux who lived there.
The exhibition is on Wednesday 26th to                                    He died on the Western Front in March 1918.

Sunday 30th January inclusive, and the    

opening times are 10 - 6. It's free admission,

and you get a bar of chocolate on the way out!