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 13th November 2008
WG Grace 
 WG Grace was the world's first sporting superstar. Single-handedly he turned cricket from a village game into an international sport. In 1870, when he was just 22, he became captain of Frenchay Cricket Club, but went on to higher things!
 With Richard Randall
   7.30pm   Frenchay School   Church Side



 Text Box: 8th January 2009
The 13 Arches Eastville 
The 13 Arches at Eastville, and their associated railways is a talk about a lost monument to the railway age, that straddled Stapelton Road at its junction with Muller Road. In order to build the M32 the arches were demolished 40 years ago in 1968. The associated railways gave Bristol a substantial suburban railway network, before the Beeching cuts decimated them. 
With George Crates
7.30pm Quaker Meeting House, 
Beckspool Road
7.30pm Unitarian Chapel, Beckspool Rd
Text Box: 9th October 2008
Manor Park Hospital
Starting life as a prison for the captives of the American war of independence over 200 years ago, and later used for French prisoners from the Napoleonic Wars - Manor Park has a fascinating history.
 With John Bartlett.
        7.30pm   Frenchay School   Church Side
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Frenchay Village Museum
Begbrook Park
Frenchay, South Glos. BS16 1SZ
Text Box: Museum News 
Unfortunately, due to ill health Margaret Wills has had to stand down as Custodian Co-ordinator. We wish Margaret a speedy return to full health, and would like to thank Hazel Copsey for taking on the job again. We are always looking for new custodians, so if you would like to have a go (no obligation) contact Hazel on 0117 9571438 and she will arrange for you to have a 'taster' session with an experienced custodian, so that you can find out if you like it.
 Monday morning work group. We have no regular cleaner (any volunteers??) and that task, along with many others is carried out by an ad hoc group on most Monday mornings. If you would like to help for an hour or so, just call Alan Freke on 0117 9570942 between 8.30 and 8.45am on the morning in question to confirm that a work morning is happening that week.
 Books, by October we should have the new edition of James Brigg's book 'The history of Frenchay Hospital'. This has been enlarged and brought up to date with more American memories from WWII by Dr. Briggs - don't forget to buy copies for Christmas presents before the December shutdown!!
Now until end of October the display is 'Fans'. A display of delightful fans from many cultures, some over 150 years old. 
November onwards a display by Headway House on work by their patients 
Text Box: The Frenchay Tuckett Society
Autumn Newsletter 2008
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Text Box: N.B. Due to building works - venue for talks in October and November
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