Text Box: The Frenchay Tuckett Society
Spring 2012 Newsletter
Registered Charity No. 1066961
Text Box:  Visiting Exhibitions in the Museum 
Until June the visiting exhibition is by the Friends of the River Frome. From June until the end of September it’s a display to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.
The museum is open – Wednesdays 1- 4pm, Saturdays and Sundays 2-5pm.  Admission is free.
After a slow start, the embryonic archaeology team, were able to spend several mornings with the South Glos. Archaeologist learning how to use the geo-phys equipment.   We were aware that two or three houses had been demolished when the park was enlarged in what is now Frenchay Hospital. Permission was requested and given for us to be on site and five ladies, well wrapped up, eagerly met at 9.30am.   We learnt how to measure and mark out an area - very back aching, then how to use the machine.   We toiled up and down for a couple of hours to cover an area of 20 x 40 meters. The resulting picture was good and after identifying a specific area that was thought needed a sharper definition, we arranged another morning.   The picture (see below) then showed the outline and some internal walls of quite a large house, we were all thrilled with the outcome of our first venture.

Teresa Norton
 If you want further information on the Archaeology Group call Teresa Norton on 0117 9574531
Text Box: Thursday 10th May 7.30pm  
Annual General Meeting
To be held in the Quaker Meeting House, Beckspool Rd, Frenchay. Formal proposals for consideration by the AGM should be sent with the names of proposer and seconder to the Secretary, Roger Angerson, at the address below by 8th May.
The AGM is also a chance to renew your subscription (£3), and get a 2012/13 Membership Card that gives next winter’s talks programme. Membership can also be renewed in the museum, at any meeting, or by sending a cheque (made payable to "The Frenchay Tuckett Society") for £3, or six 2nd Class stamps with your name and address to the Treasurer at the address in the "Contacts" box. 
The AGM is an opportunity to look back over the achievements of the last year, and a chance to look forward to the next. The AGM will be followed by a look at some television snippets with references to Frenchay, broadcast during the last year, and the showing of a film handed in at the museum about the building of the M32. It's a chance to see the dynamiting of the 13 arches at Eastville!
Text Box: Redcliffe Caves
Back in March we enjoyed a virtual tour of Redcliffe caves led by Alan Gray, and he has now offered to lead a real tour for us.  The proposed date is Thursday 14th June at 7.30pm and it will cost £3 - £4 depending on numbers. Numbers are restricted, so If you would like to book a place please call Didge Freke on 0117
9570942 before May 11th

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