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TALKS held at the  Quaker Meeting House

Beckspool Road, Frenchay,  BS16 1NT     7.30pm    Entry 3


    Oct.10th  Mark Steeds - Bristol Pirates and Privateers.

                                           A look at part of Bristol's Sea Faring History.

    Nov.14th  Paul Driscoll - Know Your Place.

                                           A look at South Gloucestershire using maps, layer upon layer.

                                           What went before your house?


    Jan. 9th  Roger Angerson - Richard Champion and his Bristol Porcelain.

                               With a look at our own porcelain collection in Frenchay Museum.

                                                        (The Sawyer Memorial Lecture)

    Feb. 13th  Bill Evans - How to claw your way back from disaster, commit treason

                                         and get away with it - The Beauforts of Badminton.  

    March 12th - Christine Cole - Sweet and Useful - What park and garden provide -

                                                how we kept a good table at Dyrham

    May 14th  A.G.M. followed by a talk to be announced