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History of Frenchay Hospital

1779 - 1916  Frenchay Park House

referred to by the villagers as "The Big House" was owned by a succession of landed gentry....

1780 - 1788 Thomas Dean

enlarged the property by buying Frenchay Common.

1813 - 1840 George Worrall

added two wings to the house.

1864 - 1887 William Tanner

enclosed the land to form Frenchay Park

1921 - 1931 Children's Sanatorium

In 1921 Bristol Corporation purchased Frenchay Park House and converted it into

 a 35 bed Hospital for Tuberculous Children

1921 - 1968 Frenchay Park Farm

Fresh food was an important part of the treatment for tuberculosis.

Bristol used the Frenchay Park as a farm, complete with Farm Bailiff,

full time market gardeners, cows, pigs in fact everything to supply the need.

                1931 - 1947   100 Bed Hospital

    was built in the grounds. 3 purpose built wards, a treatment block and a school .

1938 -1942 Preparations for an Emergency Medical Services Hospital

A row of wards were built - mostly finished by 1942.

1942 - 1945 The Americans in Frenchay

The buildings were taken over by the Americans in mid 1942 - they remained until 17th August 1945.

They were replaced by a small detachment of British Army Personnel.

1945 - 2014

The Hospital administration was handed back to Bristol, and the development of the hospital continued,

with specialties in burns, thoracic complaints and neurosciences.

2014 Due to amalgamate with Southmead Hospital on the Southmead Site.

May 2014 Patients and the majority of services were transferred from

Frenchay to the Southmead Site

 Frenchay Park House will be sold for private ownership, and once more become a family residence.



2016 Frenchay Hospital has been demolished in preparation for housing development.

All that remains is the water tower, The Burden Institute and BIRU, head injury rehabilitation unit. BIRU has been expanded.



November 2016 the site is sold to Redrow Homes for development.