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The Frenchay Village Museum has recently gained temporary access to documents relating to the Hambrook Village Hospital, founded in 1867 by Dr Edward Crossman of Whites Hill, Hambrook.

The Annual Report for 1868 has a brief history of how the Hospital was founded, as well as lists of donors and subscribers to the building fund and a list of the hospital rules & regulations.

The Annual Reports from 1868 to 1873 contain lists of cases treated, with name and occupation of patient.

In addition to these reports, there is a large, leather-bound book which has more detailed notes on the Cases for the year 1867 and half of 1868.

Also available are four Minutes Books containing much information about how to run a hospital with hardly any money or equipment; and about patient admissions and discharges, with names and addresses...

The first minutes book covers the years 1905 to 1912.

The second book covers the years 1913 to 1925

The third book covers the years 1926 to 1935.

The fourth book covers the years 1935 to 1943

Hambrook Village Hospital is seen here on top of the hill.

None of the houses in the foreground now exists.

The view above, taken from near The White Horse Inn, clearly shows the Hospital above the road leading up to Whiteshill Common.


You will notice in the various views that the hospital underwent several changes during its time.



The House Committee met at frequent intervals to admit new patients and to ensure the general maintenance and running of the hospital. Some of the members are seen here...

Left to right: Miss Elizabeth Beverley Robinson, Alice Tuckett, Francis Fox Tuckett, Mrs Annie B Elliott, Medical Director Francis Ward Crossman, the Rev Henry Alban Brown of Whiteshill Congregational and William Brooke, rector of Frenchay.