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Cleve Hill Hospital - April or May 1915

Left to right, back row: Morrison, Sgt Guilrup, -nk-, -nk-, Miller, Sgt Wain, Robbins, Knight.

Second row, standing: Mason, -nk-, Tait, Gordon, McMeekin, Drew, Bender, McLaren, Poulson, Coney, Cleeveland.

Third row, sitting: Wright, Aiken, Wilcox, Pidd, -nk-, Cpl O'Neil, Sgt Roberts, Sgt Sparham, Carson, Coulter, Karney.

Front row: Carter, Smithy, Quick, Morgan, -nk-, Maggy, Reed, Holmes, Eardley, -nk-, Lund, Cook.

Cleve Hill Hospital - Matron with the cat

No details recorded with this one

Cleve Hill Hospital - Autumn 1915

Left to right: Sgt Herne, Sgt Millard, Miss Hardinge, Sgt Pople, Sgt Owenham [or Ovenham ?], Miss Guise.

Cleve Hill Hospital

The soldiers are, left to right: Pilkington, Penwick Watson.

Miss Vassall is on the left, and Sister Rudd on the right.