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Cleve Hill Hospital - Matron, Cooks & Kitchen Men - August 1917

Left to right, standing: Hughes, Mrs Pockson, Miss Westley, Mrs Bernard, Miss P Bridgman, Lewis.

Sitting: Miss Hill, Matron Mrs AL Clarke, Mrs Chappell.

Cleve Hill Hospital - 8 Patients

This postcard is signed by seven men:

EA Peters, London Regt; WG Edwards; WS Ross; RW Forster; SW Haskins, 12th Glos; WT Booth; A Brown, East Hants.

In April 2007, Paul Firman, a visitor to this WebSite, wrote with the following information...

 I have the exact same photograph, also with only seven names on.
The man in the top left is John Ross of the 2/6th? East Surrey Regiment, who is my partner's grandfather.

His widow is still alive at nearly 105 years old.

The other information that is written, and what I can make out is this:
EA Peter, 1/4 Horse RA;          Rfn WJ Edwards, 1st More's;
GW Haskins, 12th Glos Regiment;          RW Forster, 9th NF;
Rfn HJ Booth, 1st RI Rifles;       WS Ross, Cpl 2 South Staffs.
A Brown, 1/5th East Hants.
Its seems strange that John Ross was the only one who did not sign both of these photos.

Thanks for this interesting information, Paul.

Cleve Hill Hospital - Invalids & Nurses

Left to right, standing: Miss Pearse, Sgt Hogg, Miss Tolerton, M Curry, Miss Vassall, P Scott, Mrs Pockson.

In the bath chairs: Richardson and James Watson.

Cleeve Hill Hospital - Invalids

Left to right, back row: Fenwick, Whittington, Hodgeson, Furley, Makedy.

Front row: Blakely, Riley, Jones, Houston.