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Winterbourne - St Michael's School - whole school - 1973-74

Photo kindly sent in by Sharon Sheere - Thanks Sharon.

Sharon has reminded me that Joanne Kathleen Rowling would have been at the school in 1973/74.

JK was born in 1965 and enrolled at the school in 1970 [see School Admissions Register], so she would have been 8 or 9 in 1973/74,

and her sister, Diane, enrolled 1972, was two years younger.

If anyone thinks they can find them in this picture, please write to the WebMaster.

Or, better still, if you are looking at this photograph, Joanne or Diane, perhaps you could write and tell us if you are here..! (Please a thousand times..!)

See below for a list of names compiled by Sharon Sheere, nee Adams


New information just to hand (June 2012):   A member of our Museum committee has been to see Ian Potter, who used to live next door to JK. And although Ian never went to the same school as JK, he says that she always had dark hair and cut in a fringe. He cannot be 100% certain, but tells us that No135 would be Joanne and that Diane would be No142, also with a dark fringe.

Can anyone confirm this?        

Key to names of above...

1 Miss Jefferies later Mrs Westaway; 2 Miss Rickard; 3 Miss Breeze later Mrs Burridge; 4 Mrs Hookway; 5 Mr Dunn; 7 Mrs Snailum;

10 Mr Mayo; 11 Mrs Jarvis; 12 Deborah Nicholas; 13 Jeanette Maggs; 15 Anne Colley; 16 Wendy Underhill; 17 Sheila Bennett;

18 Paula Robins; 19 Sharon Adams (who sent us this picture); 20 Mandy Dibsdale; 24 Wendy Rutter; 27 Annette Sargent; 29 Jack Luton;

30 Ian Manning; 31 Carol Saunders; 34 Wayne Haskins; 35 Melvin England; 40 John Churchill; 42 Dave Harris; 45 Jane Salmon;

47 Mark Potter; 48 Timothy Knight; 49 Mark Sargent; 50 Andy Elder; 51 Andy Allen; 52 Peter Withers; 53 Carl Cook; 55 Ian Dawes;

56 Phil Broome; 57 Chris Turner; 58 David Hicks; 62 Adrian Cross; 68 Elaine McWhinnie; 69 Joanne Lorrimer; 70 Susan Lacey;

71 Jane Slavin; 72 Julie Craven; 73 Jayne Woodbury; 74 Lisa Clift; 75 Sarah Day; 76 Katie Searle; 80 Katherine Wildy; 81 Chris Joy;

82 Helen Ferris; 84 Jackie Manning; 85 Sandra Smith; 86 Thais Skuse; 87 Jane McElveen; 89 Stuart Cannings; 96 Sharon Taylor;

99 Suzanne Harris; 105 Melanie Rickets; 106 Anita England; 108 Cheryl Beatty; 118 Jane Harris; 120 Caroline Parson; 121 Sarah Barnard;

127 Phil Purnell; 130 Christopher Colly; 132 Alison Kong; 134 Nicola Sherman; 136 Marcia Daniels; 145 Wayne Seymour;

150 Alison Shortman; 162 Linda Rice; 165 Michael Day; 167 Sally Allen; 170 Denise Rickets; 171 Jane Durbin; 173 Shirley Smith.


Thank you Martin Lewis for the addition of Michael Day's name at 165, received 2 Feb 2020.  Michael and Sarah, (75) were Martin's neighbours.

If anyone knows any other names or corrections, please contact the Web Master