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Mr Dunn's team at St Michael's School

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Winterbourne St Michael's School - thought to be about 1948

Thanks are due to Sharon Sheere's mum, Ann Player, for the following complete set of names for this photograph, sent in February 2008.


Back row: 1. Ann Withers; 2. Phyllis Whitehead; 3. Brenda Maggs; 4. Head Teacher, Mr Dunn;

5. Valeria Hacker; 6. Alice Lowe; 7. Margaret Smith, [ twin sister of 13. Mary ]

Middle row: 8. Valerie Maggs; 9. Marina Wickham; 10. Ann Player; 11. Edna Ricketts; 12. Alma Amos;

13. Mary Smith; 14. Sheila Morgan.

Front row: 15. Shirley Jones [cousin of 10. Ann Player]; 16. Barbara Warren; 17. Cora Molton [not sure of spelling]


This picture was kindly contributed in October 2007 by Jackie Benson, daughter of 12. Alma Amos, above.    Jackie wrote the following...

Mr Dunn was also my headmaster at St Michael's. When mum took me to be enrolled, Mr Dunn was quite excited to see Alma again, and showed this picture to all the teachers. Alma used to say that she was Mr Dunn's favourite pupil.            Thank you, Jackie.


The following information conflicts slightly with the new information shown above and was contributed in January 2008 by Sue Hale's mum...

Middle row far right is Margaret Bartlett, married John Bartlett, but mum cannot remember her maiden name.

Middle row third from left is Marie Player, [Marie is older sister of 10. Ann Player] and second from left is a member of the Wickham family.

A big thank you to Sue's mum - whose dad was Charlie Dando, a friend of the Amos family for many years.