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From 1848 to 1862, Wilhelmina Taylor conducted a

Quaker School for Ladies at Cedar Hall, Frenchay.

This picture was taken around 1860 and shows some of the pupils that attended the school.

It is possible that the older lady in the centre, with the pussy cat, may be Wilhelmina herself.

Unfortunately the names of the girls in this picture are not recorded, but the 1861 Census records the following names at Cedar Hall...

Wilhemina Taylor 50, Augusta Pitman teacher 25, Ellen Clare Miller teacher 21,

Dorea Alexander cook 25, Anne Purton parlour maid 30, Elizabeth Askew house maid 26,

Isabella Marriage pupil 17, Eliza Mary Baker pupil 17, Emma Dorothy Rů pupil 16, Elizabeth H Allen pupil 16, Ada M Harwood pupil 16, H Bewley pupil 16, Elizabeth F Tweedy pupil 15, Sophia Lucas pupil 14, Eleanor Clark pupil 14, Ellen Phillips pupil 14, Mary S Hogg pupil 14, Sabina Woolston pupil 13, Hannah Louisa Lucas pupil 13.