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Winterbourne Down School c1952


The teachers are thought to be...

left to right: Miss Sedgewick (middle class teacher), Miss Smith (Head teacher), Miss Evans (infant's teacher)

Anne Turner - is second from left (seated) on the right of a dark haired girl who Anne thinks was named Shirley Kneebone.

This photo kindly sent in by Kerry Walsh (husband of Anne Turner) on 11 May 2009.

The following names have been sent in by Mike Tyler on 13 May 2009 (that's quick..!)

Back row, boys, left to right: 1st [? Robin Broad ?]; 2nd Mike Manning; 4th Mike Tyler; 8th Martin Turner; 9th Colin Manning.

Next row, boys, left to right: 1st & 2nd [? Pitt brothers ?]; 4th John Follett; 5th Mike Clancy; 7th Mike Snook; 8th [? Kelvin Lambert ?];10th Martin Chandler.

Next row, girls seated, left to right: 1st Shirley Kneebone; 2nd Ann Turner; 4th [? Christine Price ?]; 6th Angela Brunt.

Next row, girls, left to right: 4th Joyce Clarke; 6th Sandra Saunders; 9th Pamela Price.

Front row, left to right: 2nd [? Susan Clancy ?]; 3rd [? Carala Snook ?]; 9th Angela Follett.

Thanks Mike.

Can anyone help with any other names?