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In June 2011, Hambrook school is celebrating its 100th year See details...


Winterbourne Council School, Whiteshill Common, Hambrook July 1961 - Class 1

Left to right, back row: 1 Teacher Mrs Aulmand; 2 Bruce Suffield; 3 Martin Collyer (lived in Frenchay); 4 Robert Hinton (High St, Winterbourne);

5 Roger Alden; 6 Irene Flower; 7 Brian Fowler; 8 Margaret Buxton; 9 Colin Buchan; 10 Sally Knight; 11 Geoff Dixon; 12 Sally Andrews ;

13 Christopher Cummings; 14 Caroline Manning ; 15 Roger Edwards; 16 Anne Goodere; 17 Kathleen Barraclough; 18 Mr Bacon.

Centre row: 19 Andrew Eustace (Dragon Rd, Winterbourne); 20 Tony Cox (farm in Moorend Rd); 21 Sarah Portlock ; 22 Susan Hinbest ;

23 Corinne Mawer; 24 Margarita Biogoli; 25 Susan Parker; 26 Yzanne Sharratt;

27 Jenny Lindsley ; 28 Sandra Davis; 29 Gillian Moseley ; 30 Penny Cosham; 31 John Thornell; 32 Terry Phippen.

Front row: 33 Lindsay Maggs; 34 Karen Underwood; 35 Penny Mountford ; 36 Carol Edwards ; 37 Marlene England; 38 Elizabeth Crewe;

39 Sally Collings ; 40 Judith Luton [now Alden]; 41 Marlene Maggs; 42 Sandra Reed.

 Photograph and names kindly sent in by Irene Cook nee Flower [see No 6 above]

If anybody can fill in the missing names, we would be pleased to hear from you.


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October 2017 - Yzanne Good, nee Sharratt (No29 above) has written to say that she is still in touch with Karen Underwood (No34 above) who has lived in Marseille, France for a good many years.



New information received July 2007 from Andrew Eustace is shown above in black type. Thank you Andrew.


New information received in February 2011 from Martin Collyer (No.3 above) is shown above in this colour. Thanks Martin.


Robert Hinton (No.4 above) has been having dinner with Martin Collyer (No,3 above) and together they have come up with a few more names, shown above in blue.

They also, by a process of deduction, have worked out that Susan Portlock (No.21 above) had a younger brother David, and that his name on the Hambrook School 1970 class 2  photo should therefore read Portlock and not Porlock.          Thank you Robert and Martin. I hope you had a good lunch.


I have been contacted by my old friends Rob Hinton and Martin Collyer to let me know that I am wrongly named in the Hambrook School 1961 photo. I am named as Anne Pass [No.16 above]. Anne was actually a year younger than me. My family and hers knew each other very well through Hambrook School PTA and she lived in Malmains Drive in Frenchay. Our families actually spent several summer holidays together. Can this error to be put right?
Anne Goodere - (now Hartley) - Thanks for that Anne.


Having studied the photo again, may I also add that No. 36 in the photo is Carol Edwards she and I played in the same netball team all through our years at Filton High School. It's fascinating for me, I didn't ever think I would see a school photo which included myself taken so long ago! Also interesting to see how few boys there were in the class. Thanks again. Anne Goodere.


I was Susan Hinbest no 22 in the photo and I am in contact with Judith Luton now Alden no 40 on photo. We both have this photo but Judith actually has all the names filled out, so thanks to her I can complete the names listed above.
Also No 23 down as Debby Jeavons should be Corinne Mawer.
Best Wishes, Sue Duffield.

Thanks for that Sue.       So, it would seem that we now have all the names for this photo, and all are now correct.     Well done everybody..!