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Hambrook School on Whites Hill Common - Circa 1935

Back Row, 7 boys, left to right - Gerald Anstey, Ronald Pedrick, Stanley Bourne, Player, Manning,

Ken Pedrick, Billy Britain

8 visible, standing - Ian Maggs, Graham Strawberry, Christine Bartlett, Stella Sollis, Barbara Stacey,

Rosie Manning, John Hewish, Philip Stacey, twin brother of Barbara, next boy and teacher obscured.

8 seated - Sheila Edwards, Valarie Morton, nk, Bartlett, Jones, Elsie Moore, Dinah Bracey,

 Barbara Adams, Joan Malpass

7 in front row - Midge Bracey, Tommy Jackson, Jeffery Hibbard, Raymond Collet, Norman Bourne,

Donald Pedrick, Bobby Jones

Photo & names kindly provided by Mrs B Fry, daughter of Barbara Stacey.