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Hambrook School – 1912

Levi Luff supervises the boys’ gardening lessons.

Left to right: 1 Dick Johnson; 2 Kingsley Palmer; 3 (behind) Fred Close; 4 (in front) Harry Edwards; 5 (behind) Pete Maggs;

6 (in front) Ernie Woodley; 7 Head Teacher Levi Luff; 8 Hulbert Shepherdson; 9 (in front) Alden Collett; 10 Bill Malpass;

11 Jack Mapstone; 12 (in front) Cliff Pearse; 13 Percy Mulls; 14 Charlie Woodley; 15 Charlie Hillier; 16 Bert Fowler.

The school garden was begun in January 1911, just after the new school opened.

In August 1911 prizes were gained by the children at the local flower show. 3rd prize for dwarf beans, these were from school gardens in open competition with all the cottagers in parish. The 1st prize for best collection of wild flowers was obtained by Albert Fowler of the Infant Class.