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Hambrook School circa 1900

Headmaster Levi Luff in centre of back row

Back row, far left, Arthur Hill, born 1888, cousin of the Flux family members

Back row, 2nd from left, Tom Flux, born 1889

3rd row, standing 2nd from left, Kate Flux, born 1891, sister of Tom Flux

2nd row, sitting third from left, Winnie Hill, born 1890, sister of Arthur Hill

Front row, 4th from left, Charlie Flux, born 1895, brother of Tom Flux

Front row, 6th from left, Fred Hill, born 1895, brother of Arthur Hill

Hambrook School circa 1900, thought to be the same day as the top photo

Headmaster Levi Luff right of back row

Top row, far left, thought to be Alfred Flux, brother to the Flux children in the top photo

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