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Frenchay School c1919

Known facts about this picture are:Henry John Wadlow, far right, was master of the school from 1894 to 1923. Rev Cyril Travers Burges, centre, was Rector at Frenchay from 1911 to 1925. The girl on the right of the Rector is Thora Sterling, born 7th October 1912 and started school 22nd May 1916. The girl to the left of the Rector is Evelyn Baker, born 28th January 1913 and started school 20th March 1916. These girls would be 6 to 8 years old here, if the estimate is correct.

Thora left the school 22nd December 1926. Her fatherís name was William. Evelyn left the school 30th June 1926; father, Arthur.